Ethan Zerpa (PLC ‘12) Leads CU EMS’s Training Academy

Ethan Zerpa (PLC 2012), is an Integrative Physiology major and has been involved with CUEMS since Fall 2012. Ethan is an EMT in his home state of Oregon where he has been involved with search and rescue and backcountry wilderness medicine for the last 5 years. Here in Colorado Ethan is an EMT-IV. As the Training Chief for CUEMS, Ethan facilitates the education and training for the group's EMTs. He serves as a resource and is able to take his experiences and share them with newer EMTs. As an officer of CUEMS, Ethan plays an active role in envisioning the future of the organization based on a comprehensive 5-year plan he's developed to expand and improve the services CUEMS provides. Currently Ethan is a Paramedic student at St. Anthony Hospital in Lakewood, CO and is expected to complete this advanced training in February 2014. After completing his undergraduate Ethan plans to attend medical school and become an emergency medicine physician with fellowship training in EMS.

University of Colorado EMS (CU-EMS) is a campus based emergency medical service that provides stand-by medical response on the CU Boulder campus and the surrounding community. CU-EMS offers its services free of charge to students, faculty, and University affiliates. CU-EMS collaborates with Boulder Fire, Boulder and CU Police, and American Medical Response, to ensure the CU Boulder campus remains a safe place. CU-EMS is an all-volunteer student organization committed to providing the best quality emergency medical care to the CU Boulder community.

The group of close to 50 members, consists of students whose training ranges from First Responders, EMTs, Advanced EMTs, and soon Paramedic. CU-EMS strives to provide the highest possible standard of care for their patients. Members are highly trained and capable of responding to any medical emergency. Our EMTs are certified in the state of Colorado at the same level as other EMTs working for local agencies. For members that don't have medical training we have an Observer program that allows students to participate in events and trainings and "get their feet wet" by working under our EMTs. CU-EMS is currently working with the University to expand the role that we currently play as an EMS Agency. As part of our 5-year plan, we are currently working to raise funds for the purchase of our first ambulance so we can grow and better serve the University and Boulder community during emergencies. For more information please visit our website at

-- Ethan Zerpa