CU Gold Spring 2014 Core Leadership Program Open for Applicants

Registration for Spring 2014 Core Leadership Program is OPEN

If you are interested in applying to be in the Spring 2014 class of the Core Leadership Program please fill out an application and either email it to OR drop it off in UMC 444. Applications are due Monday, January 27th by 4PM. Registration is first come, first served and the classes are limited to 40 people each. Applications can be found on the CU Gold website here.

Program Overview

The CU GOLD (Gaining Opportunities through Leadership Development) Core Leadership Program is an introductory leadership development program that is open to all admitted and enrolled CU students. (We define enrolled as an admitted student who is taking at least one credit hour.) The CLP program consists of a leadership retreat, weekly seminars devoted to various leadership topics, and a community service project. Students participating in the program will be asked to develop and present a personal leadership mission statement, building on the concepts and experiences from throughout the semester. Students who complete all aspects of the program will be recognized for their achievements at the end of the semester.

CLP is foundationally based on the philosophies and models found in "Exploring Leadership For College Students Who Want to Make a Difference" by Komives, Lucas and McMahon (2007) Jossey-Bass.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will gain greater self-awareness of their individual abilities and values as they relate to leadership.
  • Students will improve their understanding of how diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice relate to their role as leaders.
  • Students will develop a leadership vision for themselves that will inspire them to action.
  • Students will challenge their assumptions of what it means to be a "good leader" in the traditional sense.
  • Students will experience leadership through service and explore their relationship to both the campus and outside community.
  • Students will understand the responsibilities of being a leader—both the rewarding andthe difficult responsibilities.
  • Students will make connections with other student leaders on campus, as well as key administrators.
  • Students will leave the program with a sense of urgency and motivation to continue their leadership development and make a difference on campus.