September 30, 2013 Faculty-Staff CU-Boulder Today

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CU, MIT breakthrough in photonics could allow for faster and faster electronics

A pair of breakthroughs in the field of silicon photonics by researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Micron Technology Inc. could allow for the trajectory of exponential improvement in microprocessors that began nearly half a century ago—known as Moore’s Law—to continue well into the future, allowing for increasingly faster electronics, from supercomputers to laptops to smartphones.

Nature or nurture? It’s more like nature and nurture

It’s popular to frame issues of variation in human health, intelligence and other traits as a question of “nature vs. nurture.” But, armed with new research methods and a burgeoning body of knowledge, leading scholars in the social sciences increasingly find that such dichotomous discussions fail to convey the nuance they observe in their research.

In a post-conference discussion on Oct. 12, researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder and the University of Wisconsin will give the public a closer and deeper look at their state of understanding.

Charleston Southern University scheduled to replace Sept. 14 Fresno State football game

The University of Colorado has secured Charleston Southern University as the opponent to replace the Sept. 14 Fresno State football game which was postponed due to the record rainfall and subsequent flooding in Boulder, CU athletic director Rick George announced Monday. The game has been scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 19; the kickoff time will be determined once the Pac-12 Conference sets the television schedule for that day next Monday.

CU-Boulder student-built satellite launched into Earth orbit Sept. 29

A small satellite designed and built by a team of University of Colorado Boulder students to better understand how atmospheric drag can affect satellite orbits was successfully launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California Sunday morning.

The satellite, known as the Drag and Atmospheric Neutral Density Explorer satellite, or DANDE, will investigate how a layer of Earth’s atmosphere known as the thermosphere varies in density at altitudes from about 200 to 300 miles above Earth. The commercial Falcon-9 SpaceX rocket lifted off the launch pad at about 10 a.m. MDT carrying DANDE, a small beach ball-sized satellite developed over a period of about six years by roughly 150 students, primarily undergraduates, as part of the Colorado Space Grant Consortium, or COSGS.

Community Notes

Flood damaged parking lot

Repairing flood-damaged campus buildings

Was your building damaged during the flood? Although campus has returned to normal operations, please be aware that Facilities Management is still busily assessing damage to buildings and facilities. We appreciate the patience of campus as we compile a damage inventory for 70+ buildings as well as campus grounds. 

As we transition out of the assessment phase, we will begin addressing long-term repairs as quickly as possible. We are working closely with contractors, building proctors, and university leadership to ensure that every campus building is restored to pre-flood standards of functioning, safety, and comfort. 

Back to Boulder

Register for Back to Boulder Homecoming Weekend

Plan three spectacular days this October at Back to Boulder Homecoming Weekend Oct. 24-27. Get free appetizers and drink specials at our Buff Bash, recognize our outstanding award winners at our awards ceremony, listen to a special speaker over lunch in Folsom Field's club level, bring the family to the Stampede parade, cheer CU when they play Arizona and much more!

OIT Training

No-cost OIT technology training

NO-COST Technology Workshops and Tech Talks provided by OIT Technology Learning Team. Click through to check out our fall 2013 offerings below, and bring your roommate too!

Go global

You're invited to nominate someone for an OIE Global Citizen award!

In the spirit of the international goals outlined in Flagship 2030 and of everyone on campus who works toward these goals, the Office of International Education recognizes annually those who represent the best in global citizenship. Nominating someone for one of the annual OIE Global Citizen Awards is a great way to do this. These awards honor and recognize outstanding contributions to international understanding by members of the CU-Boulder community.

Rope battle class

Battle Ropes challenge: Early bird registration discount

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!! This is an energetic interval workout incorporating battle ropes for a full body workout with a strong core focus. Come see for yourself how effective rope training can be. This CU Rec Center class is offered Oct. 7-30; Mondays and Wednesdays  9-9:45 a.m.; $96. Register by Oct. 4 and receive $10 off your registration fee.

Research study to prevent depression in pregnant women

We are currently recruiting pregnant women to participate in a research study examining an web-based program to prevent depression.


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Reminder: Hill parking affected by flood cleanup, Oct. 1

Large trucks will be collecting flood debris from the Hill neighborhood starting Tuesday, Oct. 1. Everyone should refrain from parking on the street between 8 a.m. and noon on Oct. 1. This is to allow the large collection trucks to access all debris piles and protect cars from any potential damage. If you must park on the Hill during this time, for your safety and that of your vehicle, do not park near flood debris piles.