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Boulder campus endorses changes to academic calendar, commencement

At the close of the 2013 spring semester, University of Colorado Boulder campus leadership began deliberations regarding changes to the academic calendar, with the goal of reinstating reading days before fall and spring final exams. The request for the return of this study period was launched by our student government (CUSG) and endorsed by the campus faculty assembly (BFA).

In response to our student’s concerns regarding the quick transition from the instructional period to the final exam period, beginning with Fall 2014 (next calendar year) final exams will begin at 4 p.m. Sunday evening and continue through 10 p.m. Thursday evening. This will become the ongoing pattern for final exams, and will continue for both fall and spring terms. Students will have a minimum 47-hour period between the end of classes at 5 p.m. on the previous Friday and the first final exam.

The change in the final exam calendar also requires changes to the Boulder campus commencement schedule. Also starting in fall 2014, the Friday after the final exam period will be open for the full day so that that our colleges, schools and departments can schedule individual recognition ceremonies. After the Friday recognition ceremonies, the campus-wide Commencement will be held on Saturday morning. The first Saturday Commencement for the University of Colorado Boulder will be on Dec. 20, 2014. Read more >>

Student life: Flood reinforces value of team, family

Nikki Lindow had heard CU Volleyball coach Liz Kritza’s tales of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the Tulane team’s forced relocation to College Station, Texas. Lindow might have even rolled her eyes once or twice; she was a self-described rodeo junkie, an aspiring barrel racer from Erie who had to be prodded into pursuing the sport that would earn her a college scholarship rather than hopping onto the rodeo circuit immediately after high school.

Covert product placements in TV shows increase consumers’ memories and brand attitudes, says CU-Boulder study

Consumers who watch television sitcoms and see product placements through covert marketing have better memories of the products and better attitudes toward the brands, according to three joint studies led by the University of Colorado Boulder.

Brain may rely on computer-like mechanism to make sense of novel situations, says CU-Boulder study

Our brains give us the remarkable ability to make sense of situations we’ve never encountered before—a familiar person in an unfamiliar place, for example, or a coworker in a different job role—but the mechanism our brains use to accomplish this h

Community Notes

Be Colorado biometric health screenings begin tomorrow

Take a few minutes this fall to better understand and take control of your health by participating in Be Colorado’s 2013 fall biometric health screenings. Screenings begin Sept. 24 and continue systemwide through Nov. 7. Online appointment reservations close one week in advance, but walk-in appointments may still be available. Space is still available for the Sept. 24 and 26 sessions at CU-Boulder! Learn more about what these tests measure.

You can also get a free flu shot, even if you decide not to take the screening's tests. In addition, we offer several other blood tests at greatly reduced costs.
NEW THIS YEAR: If you're a CU Health Plan member whose spouse/partner also is on your plan, they can also take advantage of these helpful, preventive tests, and our free flu shots.

Flood photo courtesy City of Boulder

How unusual were September’s floods?

A panel of science experts will convene at the University of Colorado Boulder on Wednesday, Sept. 25, to discuss weather and climate related to the recent devastating floods. Panelists from several institutions will discuss the unusual weather conditions that caused the floods, the historical context and the potential influence of human-caused climate change on this extreme event. Western Water Assessment (WWA) is convening the panel and also will release a brief preliminary assessment of the severe flooding, including information on weather, water, climate and risk.

New solar panels atop Coors bring more renewable energy to campus

A new array of solar panels mounted atop the Coors Events Center and Basketball/Volleyball Practice Facility will provide clean power for more than 20 percent of the event center’s needs.

How to use HAWK signal on Regent Drive

In spring 2011 the City of Boulder began operation of the "high-intensity activated Crosswalk" - or HAWK system - installed at the crosswalk that connects the Engineering Center with Regent Autopark. The HAWK signal works in conjunction with the traffic signal at Colorado and Regent to ensure vehicular traffic interruptions are minimized. It has cycles that allow vehicular traffic adequate time to move through the crosswalk.

FSAP Strategies for Stress Reduction Group

Stress reduction is a concern for everyone in these busy and uncertain times. In this educational and participatory workshop series, we will learn and practice several different effective strategies for reducing everyday life stress, including mindfulness, meditation, yoga, visualization, guided imagery, cognitive restructuring, emotional health and regulation.

CIRES retirement celebration for Jon Rush

Please join us & help celebrate Jon Rush’s 11 years of outstanding service to CIRES. His retirement celebration will be held on Friday, Sept. 27  from 4 - 6 p.m. in the CIRES Atrium. Please RSVP to by Wednesday, Sept. 25.

CU's Gay-Straight Alliance hosts Queer Sex Ed!

Queer Sex Ed is an all-inclusive sexual education experience that some students may not have received in grade school, as well as an opportunity to further branch out and become aware of other means of sexual expression and practice. The event will include presentations from CU's own Community health about safe sex practices and means of proper conduct involving sexual partners (ie communication, protection, etc), as well as a demonstration by Sex Educator Laura Kille, who has spoken at this event numerous times in the past and has been well-received. We will also have a portion of the night dedicated to Q&A involving a Panel of our Peers, in which students will have the opportunity to personally pose questions to a board made up of various people representing the intersectionality within our campus community.

FSAP workshop: The Symphony Between Food and Mood

Have you ever wondered about the link between your feelings or emotions and nutrition? Kathleen Farrell will discuss how your internal orchestra (aka, your nervous system) may influence what you eat and when you it.

Denk Symphony

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2013 Flood site is continuously updated

Recent updates to the 2013 Flood site include student legal services, scam information, food assistance and more. 

Did you know?

The Boulder campus follows national and state proclamations regarding the manner and display of the United States and Colorado flags at state facilities within the State of Colorado. You can always check current flag status on the Colorado Governor's website.

Flags are currently at full-staff, but have recently been lowered in remembrance of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and in honor of those killed in the shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C.

Walk-in appointments available for Be Colorado health screenings

Online appointment reservations close one week in advance, but walk-in appointments may still be available. Space is still available for the Sept. 24 and 26 sessions at CU-Boulder on a walk-in basis. Make your plans to attend now.