August 22, 2013 Students CU-Boulder Today

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New financial educator to help CU students navigate money matters

In an effort to help CU-Boulder students make smart financial decisions about their budgets, credit, school loans and other money matters, a new campus financial educator will be available to students beginning Aug. 26, the first day of fall semester classes.

The CU Money Sense program was created by the Bursar’s Office in 2009 to provide student financial workshops and other educational opportunities including “Money Smart Week,” according to Susie Jacobs, the program’s director.

Living off campus? Don't forget about your neighbors

As we kick off the school year, let's take a moment to recognize our place in the city of Boulder community. With many of us living in neighborhoods, among families and individual residents, we have the responsibility to take care of the community we live in and respect the people around us.

New degree to create STEM teachers through engineering

CU-Boulder is launching a new General Engineering Plus undergraduate degree with the CU Teach Engineering concentration this fall for current first-year and sophomore students interested in earning secondary school (grades 7-12) science or math teaching licensure.



Community Notes

CU GOLD Core Leadership Program registration is now open

Free and open to all CU students, the Core Leadership Program is now accepting applications for Fall 2013.

New CU Collegiate Recovery Center opening Aug. 26

The CU Collegiate Recovery Center (CUCRC) provides support for students in recovery from alcohol or drug abuse and other addictive behaviors. The CUCRC is open to all who seek to live substance-free as well as those who are supportive of the recovery community.
All students, staff and faculty are invited to check out the new center, meet student members and the director, and enjoy free pizza during the UMC Welcome Fest on Friday, Aug. 23, from 8 p.m. - 12 a.m. The center is located in UMC room 102, down the hall from The Connection bowling alley.

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Reducing the impact of phishing: New outbound e-mail throttles

Recently, the CU-Boulder campus has seen an increase in the number of accounts compromised by phishing attempts. CU-Boulder has long allowed the sending of outbound e-mail to the Internet without any restrictions. Due to the increased occurrence and impact of accounts compromised by e-mail phishing, CU-Boulder can no longer let an unlimited flow of outbound e-mail occur without risking the integrity of the entire e-mail communication environment. More at

Research participants ages 12-21 needed: $25 for short interview

The Adolescent Development and Preventive Treatment (ADAPT) program at CU-Boulder is seeking research participants ages 12-21. ADAPT is a place for young people ages 12-21 who are worried about experiencing unusual thoughts, suspiciousness or paranoia, or seeing or hearing things that are not there.

Earn $25 for participating in a short screening interview.