August 8, 2013 Students CU-Boulder Today

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Good year for viewing Perseid meteor shower, says Fiske Planetarium director

CU-Boulder astrophysicist Doug Duncan says this year's annual Perseid meteor shower and its natural nighttime light show will be particularly good as the display becomes visible over Colorado Aug. 10-13.

Some Maasai appear to hunt lions as a form of political protest

Conventional wisdom holds that East Africa’s Maasai pastoralists hunt lions for two distinct reasons: to retaliate against lions that kill livestock or to engage in a cultural rite of passage. But that view reflects mistranslations of Maasai terms and a simplification of their cultural traditions and their relationship with wildlife, a team of researchers led by a University of Colorado Boulder geographer has concluded.

MAVEN Mars mission haiku selected

The Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN, or MAVEN, mission to Mars will carry just over 1,100 haiku, along with thousands of names, on its journey to the red planet.

Community Notes

Get Involved/Stay 'In the Mix'

CU-Boulder has hundreds of on-campus activities you can take part in, including more than 300 academic, political, social, religious and recreational organizations and clubs. For details on how to get involved in student activities, clubs and organizations visit the Student Involvement page. To keep tabs on what's happening on campus, visit In the Mix.

Research participants needed, earn $25 for short screening interview

Research participants ages 12-21 are needed by the ADAPT program. Participants earn $25 to go through a short screening interview, and may be invited to participate in a 2-year longitudinal study ($25 per hour for 7-9 hours each year). ADAPT is a place for young people ages 12-21 who are worried about experiencing unusual thoughts, suspiciousness or paranoia, or seeing or hearing things that are not there.
For more information please call 303-492-4616 or visit

D2L improvements coming Aug. 14

In preparation for the start of the 2013-14 academic year, D2L will undergo an upgrade on Wednesday, Aug. 14 to improve functionality and fix bugs. This upgrade includes improvements to the usability and added functionality that will enhance instructor and student experiences. You can learn more about the improvements included in the D2L upgrade at Learning Environment 10.2.