July 23, 2013 Students CU-Boulder Today

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Real-world learning experiences highlight of engineering management class

CU-Boulder Professor Eben Johnson sees lessons for his marketing and high tech venture students everywhere, even from a parked car.

Noticing a Tesla parked outside a local coffee shop one day, he gave himself a mission—to find the owner. “I found and met the owner,” he said. “He turned out to be a great and personable fellow, so I asked him if he would talk to my class about being an 'early adopter.'”

"This project is not just about food"

The landscape of Denver’s Westwood neighborhood is changing. Squash, tomatoes, chiles, spinach and melons are sprouting up in backyards. Family members are tending to their gardens and harvesting their own fresh food. And community members are working side-by-side to help transform their neighborhood from its designation as a “food desert”—the United States Department of Agriculture’s term to classify densely populated, low-income areas that lack easy access to healthy food—to a model of urban sustainability.

Ryan Chreist named CU-Boulder assistant vice chancellor for alumni relations

The University of Colorado Boulder today announced that Ryan Chreist has been named assistant vice chancellor for alumni relations. Chreist, who most recently served as the director of recruitment, operations and system integration for the CU-Boulder Office of Admissions, starts this week.

Community Notes

Free reusable shopping bags available for students

Shoppers in Boulder will now have to pay 10 cents for disposable paper or plastic bags at most city stores. The citywide policy took effect July 1.

Students who would like a free reusable shopping bag can stop by the Off-Campus Housing office (UMC room 313) to pick one up.

Doctor and patient

Male research participants wanted for paid research study on personal values and medical care

Researchers from the Social and Affective Neuroscience lab at CU Boulder are seeking healthy males between 18 and 55 years of age for a study on the mechanisms underlying how one's personal values affect their medical care experience. Participants will earn between $30-$40.

Professor Emeritus Al Bartlett

Learn to give Dr. Bartlett's presentation on arithmetic, population and energy

On August 16 the Environmental Center will host a full-day training on how to give CU-Boulder Physics Professor Al Bartlett's pivotal presentation on the impacts of exponential growth. The training will cover topics such as mathematics of exponential growth, fossil fuels, climate change, and skills to present on sensitive topics. The cost for the training will be minimal, but trainees will be required to present the material three times a year. You can find all application materials and additional information on the Environmental Center website.

Research study to prevent depression in pregnant women

We are currently recruiting pregnant women to participate in a research study examining an web-based program to prevent depression.