July 5, 2013 Students CU-Boulder Today

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Visiting Artist Program introduces students to working artists

Aspiring artists at CU-Boulder can learn some of what it takes to become a successful artist in the real world by rubbing shoulders with working professional artists through the Visiting Artist Program.

Astronaut testing feasibility of CU-Boulder project on far side of the moon

An astronaut orbiting Earth in the International Space Station has remotely directed a NASA rover in California to unfurl an “antenna film” that CU-Boulder scientists are developing for use on the unexplored far side of the moon.


Community Notes

Paid multi-part experiment about learning and memory

Our lab in the CU-Boulder department of psychology is looking for participants for a multi-part experiment about learning and memory. Participants will be paid up to $15 per hour, and participants completing all 9 sessions within three weeks will receive a $25 bonus. You must be 18-29 years old and right handed to participate. If you are eligible to participate and interested, please visit our website for more information and to sign up for our experiments.

Come join CU Walks for our nice summer weather

CU Walks invites you to take a break and go for a lunchtime walk on campus!
We start our walk Monday-Friday at noon from the west side of Carlson Gym, near the Rec Center. We encourage individuals in the CU community to obtain the physical and mental health benefits of a free, safe, convenient and social recreational opportunity. Our group has established a scenic and safe 1.5 mile (30 minute) loop around campus. We are a collaboration of students and faculty of the Integrative Physiology Department together with the Recreation Center.

Boulder County Clean Air Challenge kick off

Log your cleaner greener commutes this summer (starting any time after July 1) with Boulder County's Clean Air Challenge. Help build the 23rd Boulder B-Cycle station (on CU-Boulder's East Campus) - and enter to win an iPad3 and other goodies.

When Magic Meets Quantum Physics, a free public lecture July 9

Nothing seems further apart than a physicist and a magician. Nevertheless, these two communities have a lot in common, both in their methodology and goals. By showing both magic tricks and physics experiments renowned physicist Thierry Giamarchi will discuss the connections between magic and science, especially in relation to the breath-taking and bizarre world of quantum mechanics, which has taken -- often without our realizing it -- so much importance in our everyday lives.

Tuesday, July 9, 7 p.m., Duane Physics, Room G1B30