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Mystery radiation ring around the Earth catches scientists by surprise

With the flip of a switch, a pair of instruments designed and built by the University of Colorado Boulder and flying onboard twin NASA space probes have forced the revision of a 50-year-old theory about the structure of the radiation belts that wrap around the Earth just a few thousand miles above our heads.

Erupting volcanoes offset recent Earth warming

A team led by the University of Colorado Boulder looking for clues about why Earth did not warm as much as scientists expected between 2000 and 2010 now thinks the culprits are hiding in plain sight -- dozens of volcanoes spewing sulfur dioxide.

Autism activist and animal welfare advocate Temple Grandin at CU March 7

Temple Grandin, bestselling author and professor at Colorado State University, will speak about her experience with autism and her activist work in the UMC Glenn Miller Ballroom on Thursday, March 7. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the event starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are free for students and community members.

‘Something that changes students’ lives’

High school senior Marlene Talamantes clearly has a way with words. She spent a day at the University of Colorado Law School and spoke her way right into a trip to Washington, D.C., and a tour of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Before the competition, Talamantes was not sure she would go to college.  Now she sees college as a definite part of her future and plans to pursue a career in teaching or law. 

Community Notes

Office of International Education

Fulbright workshops for faculty - Mar. 11

On Monday, Mar. 11, the Office of International Education is hosting a presentation by Dr. Andy Riess from the Council for International Exchange of Scholars about the Fulbright Scholar Program

'Rocky Horror Picture Show 2.0'

We're back, and bigger than ever. New cast, new production, and the biggest set of lips you'll see this side of the Mississippi. Don't miss OnStage's tantalizing sinful production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show 2.0 in Chem 140.


Are you the mother of a baby between 3 and 6 months?

Are you a new mom? 
Have you felt down or depressed at any point in your life?

If your baby is between 3 and 6 months of age, you may be eligible to participate in a study examining the effects of a brief mindfulness practice on a mother's mood, stress, and how things are going with her baby. The study consists of filling out questionnaires and watching and responding to a short movie. Participants also may be asked to do a brief daily mindfulness practice. In addition, childcare will be provided while you are at our research offices.

Go for a walk with CU Walks

CU Walks invites you to take a break and go for a lunchtime walk!

Take a break and get some exercise with a scenic walk around campus.

Drains to Creek sign

Protect our water quality: It's everyone's job

The EPA and Colorado’s Department of Public Health and Environment require everyone at CU-Boulder to be sure pollutants do not enter sanitary or storm drains. Learn how to keep our water clean. Go to the Environmental Health and Safety website and click on “Water Quality is Everyone’s Job.”

Boulder County to give free coffee to carpoolers

During the month of March, the ‘Diagonal Shift’ Boulder County campaign will be rewarding carpoolers who carpool at least four times during the month - about once a week - with two free coffees at either Ziggi's Coffee House or Brewing Market (a $10 gift card).

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