December 20, 2012 Students CU-Boulder Today

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CU-Boulder student life: Senior's interest in environment becomes career path

CU-Boulder senior Joel Jones says he’s been interested in the environment since he was a kid. He started getting serious about it in high school, where in one of his classes he learned about buildings that were designed with the environment in mind. That class helped propel his interest into a career path.

“I didn’t know about environmental engineering until I came here to CU, and once I learned about it, I decided to make it my focus for my undergraduate career,” said Jones, who will graduate on Dec. 21 with a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental engineering.

End of days: Debunking the Mayan Calendar Prophecy

Tongue in cheek is the best way Payson Sheets, a CU-Boulder anthropologist, tries to explain the supposed Mayan calendar prophecy of doom and gloom or spiritual enlightenment, depending on which side of the calendar fence you sit on. A specialist in ancient societies of Mesoamerica, Sheets knows a tad bit about Mayan culture and shares his thoughts about what will happen on Dec. 21, 2012.

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CU-Boulder Today publication schedule for winter break

The faculty-staff and student editions of CU-Boulder Today will publish once per week during the University of Colorado Boulder winter break. The faculty-staff edition will publish Wednesdays, during the afternoons of Dec. 26, Jan. 2 and 9, and resume regular publication on Jan. 14. The student edition will publish Thursdays, during the evenings of Dec. 27, Jan. 3 and 10, and resume regular publication Jan. 15.

Cutting-edge leadership & stress-management program sponsored by CUSG

Thanks to a grant from CUSG, the Yoga & Meditation Club will be hosting a cutting-edge leadership and stress-management program called yesplus that is designed specifically for college students from Jan. 17-20. Applicants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Space is limited.

Libraries Winter Break Hours - changes for Norlin and Branches

Be sure to check the Libraries Hours page for new break hours for Norlin Library and the branches. Note that Dec. 31 access to Norlin Commons is BuffOne card only.



Winter commencement traffic advisory: Dec. 20-21.

Winter commencement events will be held throughout the afternoon on Thursday, Dec. 20 and in the morning Friday, Dec. 21. During this time, increased traffic on campus roadways and parking lots is anticipated.