October 31, 2012 Faculty-Staff CU-Boulder Today

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History of Halloween? Professor Scott Bruce explains

Contrary to contemporary beliefs that the spooky holiday originated with vampires and werewolves -- or even more sinister, candy and costume companies -- CU associate professor of history Scott Bruce notes that Halloween's origins lie in ancient Pagan harvest festivals practiced by the Celts, and Christian traditions.

Social factors trump genetic forces in forging friendship

In humans, nature may be less than half of the story, a team led by University of Colorado Boulder researchers has found. In the first study of its kind, the team found that genetic similarities may help to explain why human birds of a feather flock together, but the full story of why people become friends “is contingent upon the social environment in which individuals interact with one another,” the researchers write.

Community Notes

Emotional Eating seminar

We eat for many reasons – hunger, entertainment/socialization, and as an emotional response. Learn how eating can be dictated by emotions and strategies for ending this behavior. We’ll identify healthy reasons for eating, types of emotional eating, and behaviors that can take the place of eating as a response to stressful or difficult situations.

STAR award winners

Recognize great Student Affairs staff

Do you know Student Affairs employees that go above and beyond in the areas of integrity, student development and learning, social justice, service excellence and innovation, or mutual respect? Nominate them for the STAR Award! All classified and professional exempt Student Affairs staff members are eligible. Complete the STAR Award nomination form on the Student Affairs web site at www.colorado.edu/studentaffairs/initiatives. Submissions received by Dec. 31 will be considered for the 2013 STAR of the Year.

Tom Sebok

Creating a respectful working and learning environment

What would a working and learning environment in which everyone felt respected look like? How would people act toward one another? How would conflict be dealt with in such an environment? How can we recognize units where this is already happening and encourage even more of that – both there and elsewhere? What would it take to develop and maintain such an environment? These challenging and important questions will not be neatly answered in this highly interactive half-day workshop. But, participants will learn about successful proactive organizational change strategies and also discuss options available to leaders and to non-leaders for encouraging a more respectful working and learning environment here at the University of Colorado Boulder. This workshop is available to all CU-Boulder faculty and staff members.

EnergySmart rebates

With winter approaching, consider taking advantage of rebates from EnergySmart. Get up to $700 in rebates while making your home more comfortable and energy efficient in three easy steps.

Electric bike

Be Colorado health screening Friday, Nov. 2

Health screening services will include a Lipid Profile with Glucose (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides and blood glucose), blood pressure and measurement of height, weight and waist circumference and a health assessment profile—a value of more than $200. Free flu shots are also available.

The scheduled appearance of the mobile mammography unit, the "Pink Life Saver" has been postponed due to technical issues.