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Racial ‘hierarchy of bias’ drives decision to shoot armed, unarmed suspects, CU study finds

Police officers and students exhibit an apparent “hierarchy of bias” in making a split-second decision whether to shoot suspects who appear to be wielding a gun or, alternatively, a benign object like a cell phone, research conducted by the CU-Boulder and San Diego State University has found.

Both the police and student subjects were most likely to shoot at blacks, then Hispanics, then whites and finally, in a case of what might be called a positive bias, Asians, researchers found.

CU-Boulder researchers uncover new target for cancer research

In a new paper released today in Nature, BioFrontiers Institute scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder, Tom Cech and Leslie Leinwand, detailed a new target for anti-cancer drug development that is sitting at the ends of our DNA.

CSF’s Russian connection continues with ‘Noises Off’ in Vladivostok

The Colorado Shakespeare Festival experienced a “Russian invasion” in 2011, as members of the prestigious Maxim Gorky Drama Theatre in Vladivostok came to direct and perform in Gogol’s classic comedy, “The Inspector General.” Now it’s time for the Americans to return the favor as two members of the CSF Resident Acting Company, Geoffrey Kent and Jamie Ann Romero, reprise their summer 2012 roles in the comedy “Noises Off” in Vladivostok on Oct. 26.

Community Notes

Bike light discounts available; CU Police encourage nighttime riding safety

Boulder law requires cyclists to use a light while riding at night. CU is teaming up with local businesses to offer discounted lights.

36 Survey

Take a survey regarding the US 36 Improvement Project

36 Commuting Solutions is requesting employees and residents along the US 36 corridor to participate in a survey to provide input to the US 36 First and Final Mile study.

Sixth annual CHINA Town Hall Oct. 29

Join us for the sixth annual CHINA Town Hall on Oct. 29, at 5:30 p.m. in Abram's Lounge, Center for Community. CHINA Town Hall is a national day of programming on China involving 50 cities throughout the United States.

Participate in paid research!

Seeking right-handed individuals, 23-50 years old. Eligible participants will be paid $200 over the course of 6 weeks, with 2 fMRI scans, plus opportunities for additional compensation.

Open Enrollment: CU Science & Technology Policy Graduate Certificate Program

The Science and Technology Policy Certificate Program at CU-Boulder is a rigorous educational program to prepare students pursuing graduate degrees for careers in science, technology and decision-making. Upon completion students will have an understanding of the societal context of science and technology and an introduction to policy analysis methodologies used in decision settings.Open enrollment is now available: http://sciencepolicy.colorado.edu/stcert.

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