October 12, 2012 Students CU-Boulder Today

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Oct. 17 Town Hall meeting on the Concealed Carry Act

Last spring the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that the CU-Boulder campus is now covered by the Concealed Carry Act (CCA). Upon return to campus this fall, faculty, staff, and students had questions regarding our collective obligations to comply with the CCA. To address these questions, we held an open town hall meeting on Sept. 4. There continue to be questions on this important issue from our students, faculty, and staff. In response to several requests that we hold another town hall meeting, we will do so.

Minor in Possession

A minor in possession offense can lead to more than just a "bad night." For more information on student conduct visit http://www.colorado.edu/studentaffairs/studentconduct/code.html.

Equestrian team prepares for new season of competition

Imagine competing in a club sport where you meet your only teammate for the first time right before the competition begins. You’re not allowed to practice together beforehand and the equipment you use is new to you.

This may sound like an unreasonable challenge, but it’s designed to create a fair competition. Just ask juniors Kelly Meyer and Lauren DeGeorge, members of CU-Boulder’s equestrian team, who compete in intercollegiate English and Western riding competitions, where they are judged on skill and ability.

Community Notes

Empathy Week Oct. 15-18, UMC room 235

EMPATHY WEEK will be held Oct. 15-18 and features an immersive exhibit in UMC room 235 that is open throughout the week, sharing the stories of real victims and survivors of forced prostitution through film, photography and artifacts.

EMPATHY WEEK is about eradicating sexual exploitation and directly impacting the lives of vulnerable and victimized children and represents an opportunity to use your voice, resources and skill set to make a difference.

OIT surveys will help guide service and process improvements

On Oct. 15, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) is launching a new survey process that will provide important feedback from faculty, staff and students. Shortly after receiving help from OIT, we will e-mail our clients a follow-up survey. The candid feedback we hope to receive will be critical in driving service improvements as part of OIT’s Business Performance Excellence initiative.

CU Helpline

CU Helpline is here for you

CU Helpline is a confidential, anonymous, peer-to-peer phone or chat service here to cater to the CU community. Our call takers are trained students, and no topic is too small, too taboo or too off limits. If we can't help, we will gladly and efficiently point you in the direction of someone who can. Call or chat in tonight!

Call us at 303-492-1000 or chat online at cuhelpline.org. We are open Sunday-Thursday from 7 p.m through 12 a.m. and Friday-Saturday 9 p.m. through 2 a.m.

Dawkins lecture at Macky on Oct. 15

A Community Note stating that the Richard Dawkins event at Macky will be on Oct. 14 was run in error. The lecture will be held on Monday, Oct. 15, and is now sold out. For more information about Macky events visit macky.colorado.edu.

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