October 8, 2012 Faculty-Staff CU-Boulder Today

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Graphene membranes may lead to enhanced natural gas production, less CO2 pollution

Engineering faculty and students at the University of Colorado Boulder have produced the first experimental results showing that atomically thin graphene membranes with tiny pores can effectively and efficiently separate gas molecules through size-selective sieving. The findings are a significant step toward the realization of more energy-efficient membranes for natural gas production and for reducing carbon dioxide emissions from power plant exhaust pipes.

Want to make a difference? Start a CU student organization

How can you make a difference at CU-Boulder? Senior Briana Shipley shows how she started a CU chapter of the student group "Books for Africa," a national organization that collects books and ships them to different countries in Africa.

CU community prepares for Oct. 11 football game vs. Arizona State University

The University of Colorado Buffaloes will play Arizona State University on Thursday, Oct. 11, at Folsom Field. The 7 p.m. game will be nationally televised on ESPN.

Community Notes

Ken Krechmer

Telecom Program's Ken Krechmer wins a global prize

Ken Krechmer, a lecturer with CU-Boulder's Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program, was awarded first prize in a global challenge for his paper on Cloud Computing Standardization. The prize, worth $20,000, was presented Oct. 5 by the International Electrotechnical Commission and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Desire 2 Learn

Faculty: Like to plan ahead? You can now request spring courses in D2L.

It’s not too early to begin requesting courses in Desire2Learn for the spring semester. And it’s not too late to request a fall course either. You simply log in to MyCUInfo and choose the Course Tools tab in Teaching Tools to “Request an Online Learning Environment.” Step-by-step tutorials and information about hands-on workshops are available on the OIT website.

Macintosh computer with stethoscope

Macintosh users encouraged to install new Sophos Endpoint antivirus protection

It’s a common misperception that Macintoshes are immune to viruses. As use of Apple products continues to rise, Macs are increasingly targets for viruses and malware.

Often, an infection will lie latent on a Mac, only to activate on a Windows PC when files are shared via e-mail, flash drives or other means. To help protect against these risks, the IT Security Office is pleased to provide a new standard antivirus software, called Sophos Endpoint Protection for Mac.

CU walks at noon

Join us for a noontime walk

CU Walks invites you to take a free, safe, convenient and social 1.5 mile (30 minute) walk on campus. We start at 12 noon Monday-Friday from the west side of Carlson Gym, near the Rec Center.

ATLAS talk: How real-world laws affect virtual worlds

Greg Lastowka, author of “Virtual Justice: The New Laws of Online Worlds” and Rutgers Law School professor, will discuss how real-world laws are being adapted to virtual worlds like Second Life and explore laws of property, crime, jurisdiction and copyright as they relate to virtual worlds.

ADAPT mountain image

Research participants needed, ages 12 to 21

ADAPT is a place for young people worried about recent changes in their thoughts, perceptions, and feelings. Eligible participants are ages 12 to 21 and have experienced one or more of the following symptoms: -Unusual thoughts -Suspiciousness or paranoia -A sense of having special powers or unrealistic plans for the future -Unusual experiences with seeing or hearing things that are not there.

Participate in CAN LAB research for $200

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