August 14, 2012 Faculty-Staff CU-Boulder Today

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Williams Village earns local green building award

When students begin unpacking their bags in Williams Village North later this month, they’ll be settling in to what could be the “greenest” place they’ve ever called home. The residence hall recently earned the distinction of “Best Green Multi-Residential Building” at the first annual Boulder Valley Green Building Awards.

Contributions of Olympic proportion

A myriad of experiences during the 2012 Games -- from a 9th-place finish by senior Emma Coburn in the 3,000-meter steeplechase, to amazing performances by amputee-sprinter Oscar Pistorius, whose participation was supported by CU-Boulder research -- can proudly be added to CU’s legacy of involvement in the Olympic Games. 

See some of the highlights here and at the Athletics and CU Heritage Center websites. 

Community Notes

Word cloud from from the CURJ website

CU Restorative Justice Program Needs Volunteers

The CU Restorative Justice program needs volunteers! CURJ serves as an alternative to the traditional disciplinary systems in the city of Boulder and CU. Volunteers give input about who may have been harmed by a student’s actions and how the offender may repair these harms. No experience is necessary. Volunteers may determine their own level of commitment. Please contact Vanessa Kunz at or (303) 492-0316 if you are interested.

Well Argued? Well Written! An FTEP Writing Workshop

In academic writing, the argument is all. Whatever the discipline, whatever the genre—whether a book, an article, or a proposal for funding—the argument establishes failure or success.