August 2, 2012 Faculty-Staff CU-Boulder Today

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Fiske Planetarium upgrading to giant-screen theater

If you’re a planetarium junkie in the Boulder area, your experience is about to get a major upgrade.

The astrophysical and planetary sciences department, home to Fiske Planetarium, announced today the launch of a complete upgrade to the projection and other presentation systems that power the planetarium’s big-screen experience. The remodel will turn the dome of the planetarium into an all-encompassing video theater.

Sentinel Mission

Students will be at the controls, under the direction of engineers, to better identify and monitor asteroids that could cause devastation to Earth as CU-Boulder's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics embarks on the Sentinel Mission.

Earth still absorbing CO2 even as emissions rise, says new CU-led study

Despite sharp increases in carbon dioxide emissions by humans in recent decades that are warming the planet, Earth’s vegetation and oceans continue to soak up about half of them, according to a surprising new study led by the University of Colorad

Community Notes

Picture of Parking Services building on campus.

Fall semester/academic year parking permit sale

Need a parking permit for Fall Semester or the 2012-2013 year? Permits go on sale the second week of August.