International student of the year breaks down barriers

Ramesh Kumar Muralimanohar's academic work to break down audio barriers could be a metaphor for his humanitarian work to break down international barriers.

The doctoral student, who is CU-Boulder’s 2013 international student of the year, researches how humans perceive sounds. He also is involved with AID Colorado -- a student group that raises awareness about issues particular to India, but that also resonate in the United States.

“We have similar large-scale issues and whatever happens there affects here and whatever happens here affects there,” said Ramesh. “I think going beyond sharing surface information about our countries and cultures, and making conversations possible, even about touchy subjects, is important.” Full story>>

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Avery Bang (MS CivEngr’09) believes that every person has a right to safely access essential services such as health care, schools and markets.

Four University of Colorado Boulder faculty and staff have received Fulbright Scholar grants to pursue research, teaching and training abroad during the 2014-15 academic year. The recipients and their destination countries are: Larry Bell, India...

On her biennial trips to visit family in India, Colorado native Maithreyi Gopalakrishnan is always dismayed to see ever-increasing pollution levels dimming the “rich and colorful” country.

Earlier this year, about 30 young Peruvian women walked as many as 10 hours to gather in Urubamba, a village located just south of the Incan sanctuary of Machu Picchu in Peru’s Sacred Valley.

Four CU-Boulder students have been awarded U.S. Department of State Critical Languages Scholarships. The CLS program supports intensive study in important languages for international work and relations including Arabic, Azerbaijani,...

For participants in CU-Boulder’s Global Seminar in Tanzania the past two summers, the program is long over. Yet several of the students were so inspired by the experience, they’re still engaged with the program. They’re working to bring a safari...

When Jeffrey Caston studied abroad in Scandinavia, he revered the host cultures he encountered in ways that helped shape his professional aspirations.

Hearing aids don’t simply amplify sound. They process and make sound more understandable to humans.

“I hope that by watching each film, viewers will be exposed to a new culture, a new concept, a new idea. Something they might think about a few days later.”

This fall more than 40 newly arrived international students have been matched with continuing CU-Boulder students. 


CU-Boulder's International Coffee Hour

Free food, prizes and great conversations with CU-Boulder students from all over the world are some of the reasons International Coffee Hour is a popular ongoing event at the University of Colorado Boulder. The student group CU International hosts the coffee hour on Fridays when fall and spring classes are in session.

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GlobeMED at CU-Boulder is a student-run nonprofit organization.

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In the Peace Corps' 2010 ranking of top 25 large schools, CU-Boulder remains at no. 2 in the nation for producing volunteers.

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CU-Boulder ranks No. 1 nationally for Peace Corps volunteers

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University of Colorado Boulder researcher Betsy Weatherhead, Sr.

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University of Colorado Boulder Anthropologist Payson Sheets and his team of students from CU-Boulder are excavating a Maya village in El Salvador buried by a volcanic eruption 1,400 years ago

CU-Boulder Extreme Ultraviolet Variability Experiment, or EVE

A $32 million University of Colorado Boulder instrument package set for launch Feb.

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