Environmental leadership

For more than half a century, the University of Colorado Boulder has been a leader in pursuing world-class climate and energy research, providing interdisciplinary environmental studies and implementing “green” practices throughout campus.

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With about 200 billion plastic water bottles consumed and trashed in landfills worldwide each year, there's ample opportunity—and growing competition—to provide reusable alternatives. Sarah Kauss (Acct'97) embraced the challenge and has shown...

Spectators at home basketball games will be prompted to text a pledge to conserve water as part of CU-Boulder's new Water for the West campaign. For every pledge received, CU Athletics will restore 1,000 gallons...

A research effort led by the University of Colorado Boulder to develop an inexpensive, “do-it-yourself” coating to retrofit energy-inefficient windows in residential and commercial buildings has been given a $4 million boost over three years by...

Big mountain skier and Colorado alumnus Chris Davenport (Hist'93) has been named an Adventurer of the Year by National Geographic. Davenport, who resides in Aspen, Colorado, is one of a handful of individuals selected for "extraordinary feats in...

Liesel Ritchie, associate director of the Natural Hazards Center at the Institute for Behavioral Science, has long worked to ensure social science perspectives are considered in disaster preparedness. In the latest community resilience planning...

In the U.S., we throw out two million to three million tons of electronics each year. Electronic waste, or e-waste, is the fastest growing component of the municipal waste stream worldwide, due to the high-speed consumerism that comes with...

The recent addition of specialized landscaping on the University of Colorado Boulder campus has solved some logistical matters. And pollinator species -- from butterflies to bees -- seem to be buzzing their approval.

The landscaping...

CU Recycling -- a program that serves 29,000 students and 7,000 faculty and staff on the 650-acre CU-Boulder campus -- is sporting new digs.

Kicking off at this week’s first home football game of the season, CU Athletics this year is increasing its leadership in sports sustainability through several new programs encouraging environmentally...

For the past 25 years, CU-Boulder's INVST Community Studies program has worked with CU students to help them learn to become engaged citizens and leaders.


Students Create Solar Tracker for Boeing

University of Colorado Boulder engineering major Dan Johnson shows off the solar energy tracking device his senior design group made in partnership with the Boeing company.

Climate change: making choices that make a difference

Addressing global challenges like climate change is an everday action for the CU-Boulder community including a number of approaches both on and off campus. For more information visit 

Population, consumption and growth

CU-Boulder Professor Emeritus Al Bartlett shares themes from his notorious cautionary lecture about the arithmetic of population growth. The video is part of a series that can be viewed at

CU and National Labs Work To Harness Wind Power

University of Colorado Boulder faculty and students are helping scientists at the National Wind Technology Center, just south of Boulder, improve the efficiency and lower the cost of wind energy.

Students Build a Solar House for International Competition

What's it like to design and build a solar-powered house for a national competition in Washington DC?

The advantage of environmental consciousness at CU

Freshman Nick Desherd says he will have an advantage when he graduates from CU-Boulder because of the university community's environmental consciousness.

Why does CU-Boulder inspire environmental consciousness?

Junior Ian Buller discusses environmental consciousness at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Inspiring environmental awareness at CU

Students and faculty at the University of Colorado Boulder are inspired to be environmentally conscious by the campus' surroundings.

Udall Scholar Shane Baldauf

Shane Baldauf, winner of both a Boettcher scholarship and a Udall scholarship, has dedicated his time as a CU-Boulder student to Habitat for Humanity and starting a company that integrates LEED bui

Engineering students build, test high-mileage car

A team of 4 students from the University of Colorado Boulder Department of Engineering will see if they can squeeze 1,000 miles per gallon or more out of a car they built and entered in the 2009 Sh

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