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January 21, 1997

The Vice Chancellor’s Awards and Grants Advising Committee at the University of Colorado at Boulder has awarded grants to support outreach projects by 22 CU-Boulder employees for 1997-98.

Outreach programs extend the resources of the university and serve various educational, social, economic and cultural needs of communities throughout Colorado.

January 17, 1997

A month-long celebration of the African-American culture will showcase music and dance, film, in-depth discussion and ethnic food in recognition of Black Awareness Month, observed in February each year at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

January 17, 1997

Boulder-area singers are invited to participate Feb. 1 and Feb. 2 in the Gospel Music Festival, a long-standing and popular event during CU-Boulder1s annual observance of Black Awareness Month.

The two-day festival will be directed and conducted by Horace Clarence Boyer, professor of music theory and Afro-American music at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Boyer has conducted the festival since it began 10 years ago.

January 17, 1997

Several noted faculty members at the University of Colorado at Boulder will present lectures in the Fiske Planetarium during the spring semester lecture series.

"Once a month, come share the beauty of the heavens in the Star Theater," said Katy Garmany, astronomer and planetarium director. "Audiences will be able to ask questions of the astronomer speakers and learn about what1s happening in the night sky."

January 16, 1997

A five-member team of researchers and graduate students at the University of Colorado and the National Institute of Standards and Technology will be honored for their scientific paper announcing the creation of a new state of matter at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science on Feb. 15.

January 16, 1997

Physicists Carl Wieman and Eric Cornell of the University of Colorado and the National Institute of Standards and Technology are the winners of the 1997 King Faisal International Prize in Science and will share a $200,000 award.

The Boulder physicists were honored for their creation of the first Bose-Einstein condensate, a new form of matter predicted by Albert Einstein and expected to shed new light on the strange realm of quantum mechanics.

January 16, 1997

New evidence indicates Australia's interior cooled by more than 16 degrees Fahrenheit during the last ice age, hinting that dramatic temperature drops associated with glaciations at the poles and in the Northern Hemisphere reached around the globe.

January 15, 1997

The University of Colorado at Boulder has contracted with MCI to provide a dial-in Internet service to be paid for by individual users who now routinely receive busy signals when they try to dial in to university servers.

Demand by students, faculty and staff for modem service to access the Internet, World Wide Web and electronic mail far outpaces the system's capabilities.

January 15, 1997

A newly established Center for Physical Activity, Disease Prevention and Aging at the University of Colorado at Boulder will focus on the role of physical activity in health and aging.

The research center is located in the kinesiology department of the College of Arts and Sciences under the direction of Professor Douglas Seals. A faculty member since 1992, Seals is an expert in exercise physiology, aging and cardiovascular disease.

January 10, 1997

EDITORS: A complete schedule of visiting executives is attached. Reporters can arrange to attend any lecture by calling (303) 492-4007. Lectures are from 3:30 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. in room 100 of the Mathematics Building.

The chief executive officers of ConAgra, Vail Resorts and WMX Technologies are among 13 top executives scheduled to address a popular business class this spring at the University of Colorado at Boulder.


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