News Releases

November 12, 1998

Teams of University of Colorado at Boulder students will celebrate national Geography Awareness Week by playing "Geography Geopardy" on Thursday, Nov. 19.

The competition for prizes will begin at 7 p.m. in room 206 of the Guggenheim Geography Building, with geography Professor Gary Gaile standing in for Alex Trebek.

The event is free and open to the public.

Following are other geography activities planned for the week:

November 11, 1998

What’s the difference between walking through a minefield and shopping for the holidays? Very little as far as CU-Boulder Business Professor Donald Lichtenstein is concerned. He urges consumers to take similar caution before entering the shopping arena.

" 'Higher price means higher quality' is a very, very untrue generalization," he says. "It will hold true for select product categories, but more often than not, when consumers go into the marketplace with the belief higher price means higher quality, they’re going to lose."

November 11, 1998

Bolder Boulder race officials have announced that a $1,000 reward will be paid for information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons responsible for vandalizing the statue of legendary runner Frank Shorter.

The statue of the Olympic gold medalist, located at Folsom Avenue and Stadium Drive, was toppled before dawn on Oct. 30. Authorities said a hacksaw was used to sever the supporting leg at about ankle height.

November 10, 1998

A new University of Colorado at Boulder study suggests that choosing to exercise regularly in moderation may help guard against the negative effects of stress on the body's immune system.

People who exercise regularly are less likely to get sick after stressful situations than people who don't exercise, said Assistant Professor Monika Fleshner of the department of kinesiology and applied physiology at CU-Boulder. Doctors know exposure to mental or physical stress can increase susceptibility to and severity of disease.

November 10, 1998

Jim Palmer, film studies professor and director of the Farrand Academic Program since 1988, has been named director of the Conference on World Affairs, replacing political science Professor Sven Steinmo, who revitalized the waning conference in 1995.

Steinmo resigned the post last June after a three-year stint as director to return to his teaching and research in the political science department.

November 9, 1998

Two University of Colorado at Boulder faculty members have been elected Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science for 1998.

November 9, 1998

The University of Colorado at Boulder Assistive Technology, or AT, Lab and the Disability Services office will host a conference titled "Accessing Higher Ground: Assistive Technology in Higher Education" on Friday, Nov. 20.

Assistive technology provides technological access to people with vision impairments, and physical and learning disabilities.

Pre-conference workshops on Internet access and design for persons with disabilities is set for Nov. 19. Cost of the conference is $95 for both days, $80 for one day and $35 for the pre-conference sessions.

November 6, 1998

Ken Krechmer, a world authority on the international standards of telecommunications and technologies, will present a series of public lectures at CU-Boulder beginning Monday, Nov. 9.

Krechmer, who is spearheading a move to establish international consistency in telecommunications tools such as faxes, modems, fiber-optic cables and video conferencing, is a visiting fellow of the newly formed International Center for Standards Research, or ICSR, at CU-Boulder.

November 6, 1998

Freshmen students in the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder are setting a new standard for zaniness -- and they may even set a world record -- by linking together a variety of devices they built for this semester's "Rube Goldberg" class design project.

November 6, 1998

The Housing Department at the University of Colorado at Boulder is taking steps to repipe drainage lines from a heating plant at its Williams Village residence hall following a discharge of contaminants into Bear Creek Wednesday afternoon that killed a number of fish.