CU-Boulder, city of Boulder honored for town-gown collaboration

August 19, 2014 •

The University of Colorado Boulder and the city of Boulder have been honored with the International Town-Gown Association’s Larry Abernathy Award, recognizing the positive collaboration between the university and city.

The university and city were recognized for the comprehensive move-in orientation program they offer for student renters living on the Hill and in Goss Grove, two of the most densely populated student rental areas in Boulder.

Created in 2011 by the CU-Boulder Off-Campus Housing and Neighborhood Relations office and Four Star Realty, the orientation program is designed to educate students living off campus on their tenant and community responsibilities. They learn about city ordinances, while also being encouraged to get to know their neighbors and to treat their new community with respect.

“For many students, moving off campus represents the first time they are living on their own, dealing with leases, and learning what it means to be part of a larger community,” said Susan Stafford, director of the Off-Campus Housing and Neighborhood Relations office. “We see this orientation program as one way to help our students be positive members of the community.”

Representatives from the city and university constantly work together to find ways to make Boulder a welcoming community for all, and the Larry Abernathy Award recognizes that commitment, said Jennifer Korbelik, Boulder’s community coordinator.

“Securing your first apartment and the responsibility that comes with that is a big step for students moving off campus, and our goal is to help students make a smooth transition into the community and all that is expected as a responsible Boulderite,” Korbelik said. “The move-in orientation program does just that, and we are thrilled with the results. This program is a perfect example of our university, city and community partnership at work.”

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Susan Stafford, CU-Boulder Off-Campus Housing 303-492-1894
Jennifer Korbelik, City of Boulder, 303-441-4142
Greg Swenson, CU-Boulder media relations, 303-492-3113