CU-Boulder double-degree credit requirements changed

Starting in January 2013 it will become easier for students to earn some double degrees on the University of Colorado Boulder campus so that they can complete their academic goals more quickly and with less cost. 

The CU-Boulder policy for the number of credit hours needed to earn two degrees in different colleges and schools has been revised, according to Provost Russell L. Moore. The deans of all of the campus’s schools and colleges worked collaboratively to simplify the rules for attaining double degrees across their respective schools and colleges and effective Jan. 14, 2013, the 145-credit hour requirement minimum will no longer be in effect for a variety of degree combinations.

“The criteria for earning multiple cross college or school undergraduate degrees will now be that the student must simultaneously fulfill all requirements for each of the degrees pursued,” Moore said. “In circumstances when these requirements can be met in fewer than 145 credit hours, then this will be allowed.”

For example, with careful planning and a limited number of electives, a student could earn a Bachelor of Arts in political science and Bachelor of Science in journalism in about 130 credit hours. Some degree combinations may still require 145 credits, some more, and students should work closely with their college and school academic advisers to plan a course of study.

“Many of our top students pursue multiple areas of study because they feel it delivers a richer undergraduate experience,” Moore said. “As long as students meet all requirements for both undergraduate degrees, it isn’t necessary for them to spend additional time and money to meet an across the board credit requirement.”

In order to earn a double degree from two colleges or schools, students must meet all individual degree requirements as currently written, they must receive signoff approval from the academic adviser for each degree area, and both degrees must be confirmed at the same graduation date.

“I’ve directed the deans to work with associate deans and advisers in each of their colleges or schools to implement this change and for the registrar to oversee needed changes to degree audits,” Moore said.

The policy applies to currently enrolled and incoming students. There will be no retroactive application of the policy change to students graduating prior to Jan. 14, 2013.

Malinda Miller-Huey, CU media relations, 303-492-3115