CU-Boulder, city of Boulder to increase funding for relocation of Grandview Terrace bungalows


The University of Colorado Boulder and the city of Boulder today announced an agreement to jointly increase the amount of funding available for the relocation of three bungalows from the Grandview Terrace area.

Under an amended request for proposals, CU-Boulder Interim Vice Chancellor for Administration Jeff Lipton said the university will pay $50,000 toward the costs of moving each house once a submission has been accepted and the house is relocated successfully, minus costs to CU for lead paint and asbestos abatement. This is roughly equivalent to what CU would spend to demolish the houses.

The city of Boulder will pay an individual an additional sum of $50,000 if the property is relocated within the city of Boulder and an application for landmarking the building is submitted.

“Our campus has a record of historic preservation and we appreciate the city’s cooperation in this effort,” Lipton said. “If it’s feasible, we would like to see the houses relocated and preserved, and it’s our hope that an increase in money available for repair and relocation will provide an added incentive.”

Earlier this summer the university announced a request for proposals from qualified house movers and contractors to relocate the houses from 1220, 1243 and 1244 Grandview Ave. All three of the bungalows date from around the 1920s.

“The city is pleased to be able to add additional funding to the potential relocation of these historic bungalows,” said City Manager Jane Brautigam. “Our goal all along has been to see the bungalows preserved.  While the city can’t fund a full relocation itself, we felt it was important to partner with CU and pool city and CU funds so that a person or group in the community could better afford the relocation and restoration themselves.”

Under the revised schedule, opportunities for a walkthrough and inspection on Sept. 6 and a mandatory pre-bid conference on Sept. 11 have been added. In addition, the university will accept proposals for relocation through Nov. 7, the proposal evaluation and selection period will be conducted from Nov. 8 through Nov. 15, and the contract award notifications will go out on Nov. 19.

Interested parties should read the full request for proposals (RFP) and the addendum, which can be found at

Malinda Miller-Huey, CU media relations, 303-492-3115
Jody Jacobson, city of Boulder, 303-441-3122