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Junior Ian Buller discusses environmental consciousness at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Students and faculty at the University of Colorado Boulder are inspired to be environmentally conscious by the campus' surroundings.

GlobeMED at CU-Boulder is a student-run nonprofit organization.

Ralphie's Guide: CU Going Local

Junior Razan Naqeeb tutors high school students. Sophomore Bryant Mason works on community gardens and local food issues. These are just a few examples of how CU students are engaged in their communities.

In the Peace Corps' 2010 ranking of top 25 large schools, CU-Boulder remains at no. 2 in the nation for producing volunteers.

Mark Arnoldy's thesis at CU considers whether a special kind of peanut butter could be the answer to hunger in Nepal.

CU-Boulder ranks No. 1 nationally for Peace Corps volunteers

A computer simulation of the Greenland ice melt.