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With the stress of the end of the semester in full swing, remember, we’re all in this together. Finish strong Buffs!

In late November and early December, CU-Boulder University Libraries and Colorado Law gave students a unique way to de-stress before finals: Pet a therapy dog. Bark Buddies and Paws to Refresh provided certified therapy dogs to spend time with students in six of the university’s libraries.

In the search for global understanding, social norms are challenged, historical stereotypes are confronted and cultural barriers are broken down. Captured here in snapshots, the journey can reaffirm the learning process at hand through intercultural experiential education.  

A continuing look at a Maya village in El Salvador frozen in time by a blanket of volcanic ash 1,400 years ago shows the farming families who lived there went about their daily lives with virtually no strong-arming by the elite royalty lording over the valley.

Academy Award winner and CU-Boulder alumnus Jim Doyle (Thtr'78) shares his key to success, and invites our students to be prepared to step through doors that may open for them along their career path.


You’re a Buff wherever you are. So this Halloween, Be Aware. Be Responsible. Be Considerate.

800 CU-Boulder Intro to Engineering students lost their shoes in the name of teamwork. Each student had to give up one shoe, which ended up in a chaotic pile on the field. Then organizers gave the students 15 minutes to get every shoe back to its owner. Time ticked by on the Jumbotron. Only six students with megaphones could direct efforts and only six were allowed to access the shoes on the field at any one time. In short, the students had to create a system to sort and redistribute the shoes under a deadline. 

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From Colorado, across the United States and around the world students made their way to Boulder. In trucks and station wagons, mini vans and sedans the class of 2019 rolled onto campus with family and friends, and celebrated their new home and the beginning of their academic journey.