Integrating STEM Education

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education at CU-Boulder is having a ripple effect.

It's transforming undergraduate and graduate-level classrooms. It's boosting the number of STEM majors pursuing teaching careers. It's fanning out to improve STEM learning at K-12 levels. And it's all part of a goal to bolster the U.S. rank in STEM disciplines. 

More than 45 programs in 14 departments across campus are part of the effort including the Learning Assistant Program -- now a model for schools across the country. Learning Assistants, like coaches, work with faculty to engage students in physics, chemistry, astrophysical planetary sciences and other STEM subjects.

CU-Boulder has doubled the number of STEM majors completing secondary math and science teacher certification compared to just five years ago. The number of physics and chemistry majors enrolling in teacher certification has more than tripled in the past three years.

The university is continuing on a path to integrate best learning practices and teacher development as a leader in STEM programming and education.

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