Green Technology: Design from Salvage

In Professor Julee Herdt's Green Technology: Design from Salvage course, CU-Boulder Environmental Design students are tasked with designing furniture, clothing, sports equipment and other functional designs by shopping society’s material waste stockpiles and discards for sources and inspiration.

The goal is for students to learn environmentally-sound methods for producing high-caliber, aesthetically powerful designs while also developing themselves as “carbon reduction designers.” Green Tech students are encouraged to put otherwise discarded materials to good use as a resource for pushing creativity.

Students during the spring 2013 session of the class had the opportunity to test the marketability and repeatability of their designs with professional feedback by partnering with and exhibiting at Factory Made Boulder, as well as the Boulder branch of the internationally known retailer Design Within Reach. The project with DWR included a profesionally judged competition and storefront display

Student design credits, clockwise from left to right: Social Fulcrum by Josh Arndt; Kak Digga drum table by Taryn Grant; Infinity block by Taylor Hawley; Filling the [VOID] wood metal table by Loryn Lewis; Ricochet of Light by Matthew Nickells; Circa 1920 by Cameron Shampine; Inkling by Karina White.