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Pac-12 joins Green Sports Alliance

Following the leadership of its member institutions, the Pac-12 Conference officially joined the Green Sports Alliance. The Pac-12 is the first collegiate sports conference to count all its members as participants in the Green Sports Alliance. 


Engage with people different from you

Welcome new students! 

College is an exciting time to meet new people from many backgrounds and different ways of thinking, to learn more about who you are, and to think critically about your long-held beliefs, keeping some and revising others. 

Campus Events

City and CU-Boulder to step up crosswalk safety enforcement, education

During the week of July 20, the City of Boulder and University of Colorado Boulder police departments will step up crosswalk safety enforcement and education to increase awareness of Boulder’s crosswalk-related ordinances and promote safer streets for all travel options. This five-day effort will target crosswalks where more collisions between pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers were recorded in the 2012 Safe Streets Boulder report, many of which are located on or near the university campus.

Campus Innovations

Native American students tackle reservation’s persistent engineering challenges

A National Science Foundation-funded research and mentoring program for Native American high school students run by CU-Boulder engineering Professor John Zhai shows students the power of engineering to identify and solve tribal housing problems, as well as create a lifelong interest in science, technology, engineering and math.