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Music on a mission

Sometimes the big moments for a musician happen nowhere near the recital hall or the practice room. Sometimes they happen on the other side of the world, in a classroom with a young student who can’t read sheet music, and who can barely speak your language.

Classical guitarist Patrick Sutton (DMA'14) splits his time between performing and teaching students in nations without access to music education. He talks about his time spent in Afghanistan, Egypt and South Africa.

Teaching Innovation

STEM-focused Learning Assistant Program gets $3.6 million boost

With a new infusion of $3.6 million from the National Science Foundation, the Learning Assistant Program – emulated by universities around the world - will get a significant boost at CU-Boulder and CU Denver. And the program will continue to give students that one-on-one interaction and engagement that is so key to success, especially in larger classes.

Undergraduate Education

Undergraduate Research

First CU Engage research project examines campus experience for students of color

Rather than just absorbing research by others, a group of CU-Boulder undergraduates embarked on their own research-based inquiry into what motivates students of color to fully participate in campus activities – or to hold back.

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