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Teaching Innovation

Werewolves, Comic Con and the writer’s life

Published author and English Professor Stephen Graham Jones relies on his students to bring in new ideas and new ways of seeing things. Students—immersed in his courses on werewolves, comic books, slasher novels, screenwriting and haunted houses—rely on Jones to paint a picture of the writer’s life.

Undergraduate Education

Class of 2016: Singing opera and teaching students how to make it in music

Not all college music programs invite undergraduates to participate in full-scale operas. But in his four years at CU-Boulder, Chas Douthit has played roles in four. Douthit, who will receive his bachelor's in music education with a choral music emphasis on May 6, has always been involved in performing at the College of Music.

Undergraduate Research

Undergrads hit labs this spring break

While many students are enjoying some downtime over spring break, 21 undergraduate researchers at CU-Boulder are building robots, creating data visualization tools and advancing X-ray technology. The students are doing this as part of Spring Break for Research, an initiative, now in its second year, that pairs high achieving undergraduate students with graduate student mentors for a week of hands-on research.

University Attractions

CU Art Museum kicks off fundraising campaign to acquire Sharkive print collection

The CU Art Museum (CUAM) at the University of Colorado Boulder has kicked off an initiative to raise $2 million to purchase and manage the Sharkive, a distinguished collection comprising 40 years of printmaking collaborations between renowned artists and Shark’s Ink of Lyons, Colorado.