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Archaeology program connects the past and present

For Patrick Cruz, studying archaeological sites in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico this summer was a way to hone his skills. But the trip also allowed Cruz, a CU Boulder archaeology graduate student, to retrace the journey his Tewa ancestors made centuries ago.

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Early humans, giant Patagonian beasts: Then they saw them, now we don’t

Some of the beasts living in Patagonia 13,000 years ago were an intimidating bunch: Fierce saber-toothed cats, elephant-sized sloths, ancient jaguars as big as today’s tigers and short-faced bears that stood 12 feet tall and weighed nearly a ton. But by 12,000 years ago, they had disappeared. What happened?

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CU Boulder-CMU add civil engineering to partnership

Colorado Mesa University and CU Boulder announced the expansion of their engineering program partnership to allow students to earn a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from CU Boulder by taking classes delivered at Colorado Mesa.

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Be Boulder Anywhere merges with the Graduate School

BBA has been responsible for developing and promoting new professional master’s degrees at CU Boulder for both on-campus and distance students. These services will now be expanded to all graduate education. With this move, the Graduate School will also be responsible for developing CU Boulder’s Massive Open Online Courses, known as MOOCs.