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Lack of sleep, is that your dilemma?

Awake too early when you should be asleep? Might want to try and switch things up. A new study by the University of Colorado shows that the longer people are awake during the time their biological clock is telling them to sleep the worse their sensitivity to insulin, which is a precursor to diabetes.

Research Collaborations

Colorado citizens explore impacts of oil and gas development

The projects range from a water festival in Trinidad to groundwater sampling in Weld County and air quality monitoring on the Western Slope. Five community-led projects in Colorado tackle air and water quality and sustainable energy development with support from the CU-Boulder-based AirWaterGas Sustainability Research Network.

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Bridge program welcomes first-generation students in summer residential program

Last July, 11 students participated in the first ever Residential Academic Bridge Program (Bridge). The program is an intensive and exciting three-week immersion experience for first-generation students who participated in a Pre-Collegiate Development Program (PCDP) at CU-Boulder.

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