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Programming robots launches interest in engineering

Diego Fierro, 13, hopes to be a mechanical engineer someday. And thanks to a LEGO Robotics: Space Challenge camp at the University of Colorado Boulder, Diego took one step closer to that dream this week.

“I’ve never built anything with LEGO Mindstorms before,” Diego explained, as he programmed the robot’s next move. “It’s cool because it gives me an idea of how a machine works, how every piece is important and has a job.”


Werewolves, Comic Con and the writer’s life

Published author and English Professor Stephen Graham Jones relies on his students to bring in new ideas and new ways of seeing things. Students—immersed in his courses on werewolves, comic books, slasher novels, screenwriting and haunted houses—rely on Jones to paint a picture of the writer’s life.

Performing Arts

Doing the leg work to write a symphony

Anyone living in Boulder, in the shadow of the Flatirons, could understand the allure of taking your work into the mountains. Keane Southard (MMus'11) has a hunch that the wind blowing through the trees, the sound of critters and the very contour of the earth will set a unique scene as he writes his first symphony.