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Faculty Excellence

Helping students and imperiled wildlife, one at a time

An evolutionary biologist, Professor Andrew Martin has long been involved in genetic studies and conservation efforts on behalf of wildlife in peril, from greenback cutthroat trout and great white sharks to desert pupfish and prairie dogs. But Martin is not just a top-tier scientist. Because of his exceptional abilities and passion to integrate his teaching and research, he has been named one of two CU President’s Teaching Scholars for 2016 by President Bruce Benson.

Family Weekend

Fiske Planetarium

Full-dome video shorts to spark love of space, science

The Fiske Planetarium is getting its own NASA-funded TV show, in a manner of speaking, and CU-Boulder film students will help create it. 


CU-Boulder alum 'tickled' to be namesake of first telecom chair

Now 96, CU-Boulder alumnus Jack Baskin was "quite tickled" upon learning that the first endowed chair in the Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program (ITP) would be named after him. Elaine Baskin and Ken Krechmer, residents of Palo Alto, Calif., created the new endowed chair with a $4 million bequest from their estate.

Global Education

From the Leeds School to the London 2012 Olympic Games

The opening ceremony of the Olympics—with the parade of nations and athletes and the lighting of the Olympic flame—reminds Jordan Valutas, 2007 alumna of the University of Colorado Boulder Leeds School of Business, why she works so hard as client services manager at CoSport, a leading provider of consumer hospitality packages and individual event tickets to the Olympic Games.