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Warm winters mean more pine beetles, tree damage

Some populations of mountain pine beetles now produce two generations of tree-killing offspring annually, dramatically increasing the potential for bugs to kill lodgepole and ponderosa pine trees, CU-Boulder researchers have found.

Because of the extra annual generation of beetles, there could be up to 60 times as many beetles attacking trees in any given year, the study found. And in response to warmer temperatures at high elevations, pine beetles also are better able to survive and attack trees that haven't previously developed defenses.

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Lack of sleep, is that your dilemma?

Awake too early when you should be asleep? Might want to try and switch things up. A new study by the University of Colorado shows that the longer people are awake during the time their biological clock is telling them to sleep the worse their sensitivity to insulin, which is a precursor to diabetes.

Discovery & Innovation

The Instrument Shop: JILA's gadgetry wizards create cutting-edge scientific tools

To the physicists and chemists of CU-Boulder, Hans Green (Hist'95) and the JILA team say this: If you conceive it, we will build it.

James Bond has Q, the irascible tinkerer extraordinaire of the British Secret Service; CU-Boulder scientists have an entire squad of gadgetry wizards at the JILA Instrument Shop, which designs and manufactures custom equipment for work at the leading edge of physical science—stuff researchers need for their experiments but can't buy anywhere.


Guggenheim family endows chair with $2.25 million gift to Leeds School

A better understanding of the core drivers that help great leaders innovate — and avoid failure — is key to advancing global enterprise. The Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder is now better equipped to advance this understanding, thanks to a new $2.25 million gift from the Thomas Stix Guggenheim family to establish an endowed faculty chair aimed at educating new generations of entrepreneurs on the core drivers of successful business design and innovation.