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Fossil kits bring CU-Boulder museum to classrooms across Colorado

Jim Hakala recently hit the road with bins of fossilized fern, leaves, shark teeth, dinosaur bone, fish, petrified wood and a trilobite. On this trip, the senior museum educator was targeting fourth grade classrooms in northeastern Colorado with 12 of his “fossil kits,” courtesy of the CU Museum of Natural History.

Discoveries & Achievements

Some comets are like couples: They break up, then make up

For some comets, breaking up is not that hard to do. A new study led by Purdue University and CU-Boulder indicates the bodies of some periodic comets – objects that orbit the sun in less than 200 years – may regularly split in two, then reunite down the road.

Discovery & Innovation

Early humans, giant Patagonian beasts: Then they saw them, now we don’t

Some of the beasts living in Patagonia 13,000 years ago were an intimidating bunch: Fierce saber-toothed cats, elephant-sized sloths, ancient jaguars as big as today’s tigers and short-faced bears that stood 12 feet tall and weighed nearly a ton. But by 12,000 years ago, they had disappeared. What happened?


Guggenheim family endows chair with $2.25 million gift to Leeds School

A better understanding of the core drivers that help great leaders innovate — and avoid failure — is key to advancing global enterprise. The Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder is now better equipped to advance this understanding, thanks to a new $2.25 million gift from the Thomas Stix Guggenheim family to establish an endowed faculty chair aimed at educating new generations of entrepreneurs on the core drivers of successful business design and innovation.