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Puksta Scholar bridges Lafayette’s digital divide

According to the 2013 census, one in four Americans does not have internet access at home, and those with the lowest median income rates are most affected. The digital divide problem in Lafayette puts low-income students at a disadvantage, a reality that hit close to home for Balkharn (Kern) Shahi, who grew up in Lafayette and attended local public schools.


Class of 2016: Inspiring the next generation through teaching

Pati Hernandez’s Facebook page recently sent her a reminder about where she was two years ago — in a practicum classroom as an education student. The reminder was fitting as graduation looms and considering that classroom experience solidified her aspirations of becoming a teacher.


'Eat Pray Love' inspires staff member to overcome obstacles through gratitude

During a difficult time, a friend suggested Karstee Davis, study abroad program assistant in the Office of International Education, read Elizabeth Gilbert’s popular novel, Eat Pray Love. Last fall, when Gilbert put out a call for essays about how Eat Pray Love impacted readers' lives, Davis knew she had a story to share.

Community & Culture

Learning to be lawyers one ditch at a time

For Professor Sarah Krakoff and students from CU-Boulder, spring marks a transition from the halls of the Wolf Law Building to the fields of the San Luis Valley. Since 2012, Krakoff and her law students have regularly trekked to one of the largest high altitude deserts in the world, where they clear debris from irrigation ditches or acequias and provide free legal assistance to farmers whose water rights are in question.