Questions? Resolving Door has answers

June 9, 2011

Ever wonder where the least expensive place is to study abroad?  Or what the CU student government really does? Or where the quiet study spots are on campus? If you find yourself asking questions like these, the Resolving Door website holds the answers.

The Resolving Door has been a student-run and operated website since 2008. The website enables students to ask questions and get answers about life at CU. Though the topics vary widely, the website organizes them in an easy and efficient way for you to find exactly what you are looking for.

The Resolving Door project offers journalism students the opportunity to learn about the growth of new media technology. For this journalism elective, instructor Daniel Schaefer teaches his students about citizen journalism and how to examine new models of news production and distribution based on the site's content. Two recent website additions aim to help connect students to life on the campus. The “Red Phone” invites students to ask specific questions geared to the CU student government ( This not only increases student involvement with the leaders on campus, but is also a tool that directs transparent communication between them. Another addition, “CU Crowd Campus Map,” draws on students’ collective knowledge from Resolving Door answers to tag points of interest on campus ( Whether you are just beginning your journey at CU or are looking to become better familiarized with the community, the Resolving Door website offers helpful resources for succeeding at CU. It provides students with a voice in both asking and answering questions, making it unique to what CU students really care about.

So, if you’re looking for the best place to study, relax, volunteer, or anything in between, the Resolving Door can be a helpful aid in becoming an involved student at CU.