Make it a break: tips to get your break on!

March 14, 2011

The promise of spring break is what gets us college students through the mountain of assignments, meetings, projects and exams. Now is the time to start thinking about ways to make your spring break a genuine break. Whether you’re working, traveling, volunteering, catching up on school assignments, or relaxing here in Boulder, now is a great opportunity to plan what you’ll do to make sure this break is just that, a break.

What does a great break look like for you?

Students do a lot of different things to take advantage of a week away from their hectic school schedule. What does a great break mean for you? We’ve thought of a few ways people can make it a break, so scroll down to find the style that suits you best for some tips to get your break on!

Get Active:

1) Try Something New

Get out of your routine and take the opportunity to try something awesomely new. Go climb that mountain you have always admired, invest in a kayak, talk to The Outdoor Program about their trips, or get your bike back out after winter and go for a ride. Think about sports you’ve never tried, like cross country skiing, snowshoeing, or take a swing dance class.

2) Active Rejuvenation and Relaxation

Even while you’re out there taking on the world be sure to make some space for relaxation. Use spring break to get back some of that calm that the semester can chip away at. It may be as simple as taking some time to notice and catch up on what’s going on in the world around you. Take a yoga class and move your body, then go get your sun salutation on at a beautiful place.

3) Day Trip It!

You might be familiar with the area where you’ll be hanging out, so this could be your chance to explore. If you’re staying in Boulder you could head down to Golden for a hike, take a trip up to Lyons, or venture out towards Nederland or Estes Park. Get out and explore!

Go Urban:

1) Got Culture?

One of the great things about cities is the access they offer to museums, galleries, historical monuments, and other sites of interest. Go learn about your city, and take advantage of some great student discounts at places like these while you’re still in college! If you’re around Boulder or Denver then take some tours: Celestial Seasonings, the Denver Mint, Hammonds Candy Factory, Banjo Billy’s bus tour, or others!

2) Food Glorious Food

Get in touch with your inner foodie and sample some of the great food that your city has to offer. Go try a type of food you’ve never had before, cities often have great hidden gems, and authentic ethnic cuisine. Venture out, and find a new favorite food!

3) Check Out a Performance

Cities are bustling centers for artists. Explore the different types of performance where you are. Check out some live music at a fun venue, or the opera, a play, a free poetry reading, go to the symphony, a concert, or a dance show.

4) Give Back to Your Community

Spring break is a chance to contribute to your community. Cities can be home to many people in need, or struggling to make ends meet. Consider donating a day by volunteering at a local food bank, a homeless shelter, or soup kitchen. Check with the Volunteer Resource Center on campus for opportunities.

Relax it up:

1) Play Catch Up

We all know how good it feels to be on top of our academics, so use this week o’ freedom to make the rest of your semester way easier. Get ahead on assignments, or catch up on things you’ve missed. Do your work in cool and relaxing places. Read at Chautauqua, sit at a café on the 16th street mall in Denver, or take work with you on your flight or epic road trip.

2) Nothing Like Home Cookin’

A hectic schedule often means that students sacrifice cooking time in order to get work done, or grab some extra Z’s. Cooking at home, and enjoying delicious food can be a great way to relax. Try your hand at baking muffins, or get out that spice rack and invest in a cookbook. You could even make big dishes, and invite friends over for a dinner party, or freeze some of what you make so once school starts, you have delicious home cooking to get you through those busy, frenzied days.

3) Invest in yourself!

Use some of your break to listen to your body and give it what it needs to relax. Sleep in late to recover from those late-night study sessions, get a massage to work out the knots from too much computer use. You could even explore new methods of relaxation like acupuncture, ayurveda, or rolfing. If exercising helps you to relax, then take a few yoga or aerobics classes to move to active rejuvenation

4) Hit Up Your Friends

Relax with people you care about! Call your friends for a pick-up game of basketball or a poker night. Transform a study group into a trivia team, or invite people over to watch a movie, or cheer on your favorite sports team. Hang-out in groups and go on spontaneous adventures. Celebrate a week off with friends! –Story Author, Jacob Friedman, junior psychology –Story Author, Sean Connell, sophomore English –Video Production, Amanda Yourick,  Broadcast Production –Video Production, Joey Maestas,  Broadcast News