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Going back in time with Alicia Baker and her accordion

At this year’s Colorado Shakespeare Festival, audiences at “The Comedy of Errors” will be wooed back to 1920s Paris by the costumes, the set and of course, an onstage minstrel and her accordion. Because after all, what would summer be without the whimsical sound of the accordion? For Alicia Baker, the answer to that question is simple: it just wouldn’t be summer.



Explore CU Boulder: Campus canopy with Vince Aquino

With roughly 110 genera and one to six species per genera, the beauty and health of CU Boulder’s trees does not happen by accident. Caring for native and non-native species requires patience, knowledge and a dedicated team of arborists.

“There’s science and art, and you have to be thoughtful about what you’re doing,” said Vince Aquino, lead campus arborist. “The things you do to a tree in a couple minutes or an hour affect it for years or decades. You have to respect that and be cautious, and take your time about what you do and how you train others to do things.”

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CU-Boulder New Venture Challenge teams to make first pitches Oct. 7

Thirty-eight teams have signed up to toss their ideas into the entrepreneurial ring the evening of Oct. 7, the first pitch event of the University of Colorado Boulder’s eighth annual New Venture Challenge (NVC). Though the event has reached full registration capacity both for pitchers and audience members, it’s not too late for people to become involved in NVC events throughout the school year building up to the season finals this spring.