How We're Funded

CU-Boulder funds revenues and expenditures and transfers between funds

Current Funds Revenues FY 2012 -2013

Current Funds Revenues Pie Chart 2012-13

Expenditures and Transfers Between Funds FY 2012 - 2013

Expenditures and Transfers Pie Chart 2012-13

  • The state of Colorado ranked 48th (near the bottom) in the nation in per-student funding for higher education in 2011.
  • The general operating fund makes up half of the university’s funds budget. Sources of revenue for this fund include tuition and fees (course and program fees), state tax support, facilities and administrative cost reimbursements from sponsored research/project activity, plus other minor sources such as rental income and application fees. CU-Boulder includes private gifts and endowment proceeds under restricted funds.
  • Auxiliary fund operations on the CU-Boulder campus are self-supporting entities that provide facilities and services to students, faculty, and staff. More than 80 percent of the auxiliary fund is made up of enterprise operations such as housing, athletics, continuing education, and student government. Fees paid to study abroad programs also are considered auxiliary activity. The remaining nonenterprise auxiliary activity is derived from royalty and incidental revenues generated by noninstructional departments, such as publications, the bookstore, conferences, and testing services.
  • Restricted funds consist of direct sponsored research activity (see chart) and private gifts to the university. Research makes up over 80 percent of annual expenditures in this restricted resource area. All expenditures from restricted funds are dictated by the funding source (i.e., research grants must be used for the research they are funding, scholarship donations may only fund scholarships, etc.). Restricted funds may not be used to fill resource gaps in general or auxiliary funded university operations.

Sponsored Research Bar Chart 2007-12

  • The current CU-Boulder private endowment is approximately $386 million, one of the smallest endowments for a research university in the nation.
  • CU-Boulder is currently participating in the University of Colorado’s Creating Futures  comprehensive fundraising campaign, a $1.5 billion effort that had earned $1.2 billion as of summer 2012.
  • In the 2011–12 fiscal year, CU-Boulder raised $45.5 million in private support, which are restricted funds committed to specific donor-selected programs and initiatives on the CU-Boulder campus.