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Buff Bulletin Board

This site is a listing of notices, jobs, campus services and events.

Submissions are reviewed, edited, and added to the Bulletin Board at the discretion of the editor and administrators, and content is by and for the university community. Posts will appear on the Buff Bulletin Board website. In addition, a selection of the most recent posts' titles will appear in the faculty/staff and student pages and the campus email digest, CU-Boulder Today.

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CU-Boulder Today

CU-Boulder today is an email digest sent to faculty, staff and students containing campus news, important announcements, campus events, and the stories that inform our campus conversation.

The Campus Community Notes feature provides departments the opportunity to submit announcements of interest to our campus community. Some examples include recent faculty, staff or student awards or milestones, construction and maintenance updates, worklife related training and seminars, campus sustainability news and other news of interest to our campus audience.

PLEASE NOTE: The faculty-staff and student editions of CU-Boulder Today regularly publish three times per week. During breaks, we reduce our publishing schedule and update this note with relevant publication timelines before the break period.

During the fall and spring academic terms, the Faculty and Staff edition publishes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Student edition publishes on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. During breaks and the summer term, both editions publish on Tuesday and Thursday - with the occasional exception of once-per-week during the winter break.

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Administrative E-Memos

E-memos are reserved for the dissemination of administrative news, policies, and procedures to faculty, staff and students at the University of Colorado Boulder.

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