Directions to Neuroscience Seminars

Directions to Muenzinger E-214

To get to the colloquium room, enter the main lobby of Muenzinger from Colorado Avenue. You'll know you're there as there are photos of faculty in the lobby, a glass case of books and cement benches. The elevator is in the lobby to your right as you enter; the stairway is in the lobby to your left. Go to the second floor. Now you are in the "D" wing which parallels Colorado Avenue. Go to your left (West) past the psychology main office (big plate glass room on your right) until you reach a corridor that comes in from your right. This is the "E" corridor. Proceed down the "E" corridor til you find E214 on your right side.

Directions from Off Campus

Take the Denver-Boulder turnpike (36) west until it ends. As it bends into Boulder it becomes 28th street. Be in the left lane. At the first stoplight you'll see the campus on your left (West). Turn left at that stoplight from 28th street onto Colorado Ave. Colorado runs straight onto campus -- stay on Colorado. After a couple of stoplights you'll see the football stadium on your right and your forward path blocked by a visitor booth. Tell the booth person that you are coming for a seminar at Muenzinger Psychology Building and to let you through to get to the visitor parking *deck* (there are also visitor parking meters but that's painful). They can give you a campus map and mark the parking deck and Muenzinger. Basically -- while you are sitting at the visitor booth on Colorado - you are staring directly Muenzinger. It's the building on your right that you look at beyond the plaza with the buffalo statue. So, proceed further along Colorado, which bends to your left. When you get to a stop sign, the building at the corner on your right is the visitor parking deck. Turn right to find the entrance to the parking deck. Retrace your steps to Muenzinger.