College of Music

University of Colorado Boulder


Welcome! Please refer to the Undergraduate Student Handbook for your advising questions including information about degrees, registration, and other procedures. If you have additional questions, please visit the Undergraduate Advising Office in Imig C-109 or call 303-492-6354.


  • BM Students – your applied instructor is your advisor
  • BME Students – you are assigned an advisor from the music education faculty. Check the Music Education bulletin boards outside room E-172 and Macky 213 to find out who your advisor is.
  • BA Students – Victoria Ibarra in the Undergraduate Studies Office is your advisor.

Advisor Approval Form

All music students must meet with their advisors before registering for courses each semester. Students must turn in a signed Advisor Approval Form to the Undergraduate Studies Office before they will be able to register.

Dean's Convocation

Dean’s Convocation is an extension of the CU Boulder Campus and College of Music orientation programming.  Convo sessions are designed to provide new undergraduate music majors with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in making progress toward a music degree.  Freshman music majors are required to attend all ten convocation sessions.  Transfer student attendance is not required, but individuals are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in any convocation sessions that may be particularly interesting and/or relevant to future success.  Freshman music majors must bring their BuffOne Card to each convocation session (No exceptions).  Students should find the convocation monitor and swipe their card in the card reader upon arrival.  After the convocation has ended, students will swipe their card again.  Students must arrive on time and stay for the entire convocation session in order to receive credit.  Up to two excused absences from Dean’s Convocation can be made up by attending two recital/concert events for each absence, and submitting a program and one page report to the Undergraduate Studies office for each recital/concert event.  Students who do not attend the required number of Dean’s Convocation sessions will have a registration hold placed on their record and will not be able to register for spring semester classes during their designated registration window.

Keyboard Placement Information

All students are required to take at least two semesters of keyboard prior to graduation (piano majors excluded).  Some degree plans require students to take four semesters.  Students who have never played piano before should register for PMUS 1105.  Students who wish to test out of one of more semesters of keyboard must sign up for a keyboard placement interview.  Requirements to test out of each level are listed below.

Other Important Forms/Information