College of Music

University of Colorado Boulder

Music Technology

Featuring four state of the art student computing labs, access to the brand new multimedia facilities in ATLAS including the Black Box Theater, a full time staff of recording engineers and technology coordinators, and a higher density of MAX5 licensees than anywhere else in the world, the College of Music is able to offer students unprecedented access to the best technical resources and collaborative opportunities.

Hundreds of performances integrate electronics and music technology annually, and every year, the College of Music features between ten and twenty performances that are exclusively electro-acoustic.  These performances are championed by the Pendulum New Music Society, the Interdisciplinary Performance Group, the Boulder Laptop Orchestra (BLOrk), the Physical Computing Lab, as well as faculty and students who produce entire multimedia shows from scratch.  Often, these performances combine undergraduate, graduate, and faculty performers, as well as technical consultants and collaborators from all over the University and the Boulder/Denver community.

Faculty and Staff Technology Support

The College of Music Technology Committee maintains a website with support resources for faculty, staff, and graduate instructors using technology. Visit the site here for more information, or contact Technology Committee Chairperson, David Rickels.