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Graduate Admission Information

The College of Music offers graduate degrees in performance at both the Masters (MM) and Doctoral (DMA) levels. Some helpful pages:

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Audition Requirements
MM in Performance degree requirements
MM in Performance and Pedagogy degree requirements
DMA in Performance/Pedagogy degree requirements

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Audition Information

Auditions for graduate trombonists should be scheduled with the Graduate Studies Office: Steve Bruns, Assoc. Dean for Graduate Studies (303) 492-2207.  These auditions  will be performed for a committee of brass faculty and should last about 20 minutes. If you are unable to come to Boulder during one of our regularly scheduled audition days in February, individual auditions can be set up with me at other times. Recorded auditions are allowed, but if at all possible it is better to audition live. This gives us the chance to become acquainted at least for a short while. Please include two or more selections in contrasting styles.  Video recordings are preferred, but audio alone is acceptable. No specific audition materials are required. I view the audition as an aural resume of where you are musically. Solos, excerpts, jazz, are all fine.  Please prepare what demonstrates your performance level at its best.  Accompanists are available if given plenty of notice.

Other Supporting Materials

A repertoire list, including both performed pieces and other less familiar pieces, is very valuable for me to become more familiar with your preparation for graduate study. Applicants for the DMA will need to submit an example of scholarly writing with your application. Letters of recommendation will be read in you application file so you need not send these directly to me.

Financial Aid

Currently two graduate assistantships  - for tenor or bass trombone  - are assigned to the trombone studio. Duties include performing with the graduate brass quintet, assisting with studio instruction (depending on my load) and possibly assisting with a class - 10 hours per week total. There is a partial tuition waiver and stipend attached to the assistantship which varies in amount from year to year. Please check in the Graduate Music Office for current details. 
Other forms of financial aid are available from the College of Music and/or Graduate School. Fellowships, scholarships and other assistantships are available for outstanding applicants. 
Only those applications which are complete can be considered for any type of financial aid.

After Graduation

What happens to you after graduation is a continuing concern of all faculty in the College of Music. Try this link to see a unique program at CU: Entrepreneurship Center.

The Campus and Boulder

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Please don't hesitate to call or E-mail with any questions you may have regarding the admission and audition process. I am happy to be your person to talk to at CU. 

Bill Stanley

Assoc. Professor of Trombone

(303) 492-5469