College of Music

University of Colorado Boulder

Prospective Students

If you are interested in applying to the CU flute program, note that there is a preliminary recording due in December, of each year.

Undergraduate applicants who reside in the state of Colorado, are not required to submit a pre-screening recording.

Please download complete requirement at the following links:


Graduate - Joyce Cheney

For further questions please contact Professor Jennings

Visiting campus

Prospective students are invited to visit the Boulder campus at any time during the academic year. Studio class is held on Thursdays at 3:30 and is open to any flutist thinking of auditioning. In addition, you are welcome to observe private lessons with advanced notice. If you are planning a visit, please email me your proposed time and we can discuss a good schedule. Because of the large number of students visiting I strongly advise studio and lesson observation over private lessons. Students interested in lessons should email for availability and lesson fee information.

Information about auditions

All graduate auditions will be scheduled for a 30 minutes audition time which will include the formal audition and some informal time for questions and a mini-lesson. Undergraduate auditions are scheduled in the morning with an afternoon informational session set aside for all flutists post auditions. This hour is an opportunity to meet  with Professor Jennings, a few of the current studio members, and all auditioning flutists for a fun session in which all are encouraged to bring flutes and comfy clothes! In State undergraduates are strongly encouraged to set-up times prior to their auditions to attend studio class and observe lessons, but are certainly welcome to attend the full day of activities are audition Saturdays.

Flute playing at altitude

Boulder’s elevation (approx a mile high!) makes flute playing somewhat of a challenge. The good news, is almost everyone auditioning from out of town will be having the same experience. In particular, breathing and the sound production in the lower register can be effected. Try and arrive a day or two in advance and be sure and drink lots of water. Lip balm, eye drops, and sleep will also help!

Save some time to walk around the mountains and go downtown to our Pearl Street Mall. There are many good restaurants and shops.

More information about planning your visit is available here: