College of Music

University of Colorado Boulder

Student Recitals

Recital Scheduling Priority Dates:

The list below indicates dates reserved for scheduling the respective types of recitals only.  Should a student miss their respective window, they will not be able to schedule a recital date until all priority dates have past.

DMA/MM Recitals:

  • Fall: September 3-13
  • Spring: January 21-31

Undergraduate Senior Recitals:

  • Fall: September 16-20
  • Spring: February 3-7

Undergraduate Juniors Recitals:

  • Fall: September 23-27
  • Spring: February 10-14


Obtain a Scheduling Packet from the Scheduling Office (University Club A2) or download and print the following forms:

  1. Check available dates on the College of Music Wall Calendar (located adjacent to the Office of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies) or the Online Events Calendar
  2. Acquire your applied teacher’s signature
  3. Return your signed Required Performance Scheduling Form (see above) and fee to the Scheduling Office (University Club A2) to secure a recital date
  • Juniors are encouraged to share recital dates with other Juniors.
  • If the two performers are a part of the same studio, only one form and applied teacher signature is necessary.
  • If the two performers are part of different studios, each performer must turn in a form with his respective applied teacher’s signature. Only one fee is required for joint recitals.
*Note: No date will be held without signed forms and full payment*

Recital Fee:

The fee for a recital is $100 if the performer wants the recital recorded. This fee covers the cost of programs and a stage manager. Two recital CDs are also included for the performer in the $100 fee. Additional copies may be purchased through the Recital Recording Request form or through the Audio Services office.

Juniors have the option of having the recital recorded.  If the performer does not want the recital recorded, the Junior Recital fee is $50. This fee covers programs and a stage manager.

*Cash or check only! We are unable to accept credit cards!*

Three Weeks Before Your Recital

  • Perform a recital preview for your applied teacher and other faculty members (Schedule your preview with your applied teacher)
  • Bring typed program to the Scheduling Office (University Club A2) or email it to Myra Jackson
  • Submit the following forms to the Scheduling Office:
  • Recital Staging Information
  • Recital Recording Request

Click here for information concerning program format, dress rehearsals, receptions, and cancellations