College of Music

University of Colorado Boulder

Preparing for your scheduled recital

Program Information: 

  • Programs must be turned in three weeks before your scheduled recital!!
  • Note: Because recital programs are created and printed using special publishing software, it is not necessary to format your program.

Please include the following information on your recital program:

  • Type of Recital (Junior, Senior, Master of Music, Doctor of Musical Arts, Certificate Program)
  • Performer’s name and instrument
  • Accompanist
  • Additional performers
  • Day, date, time, and location of performance
  • Selections to be performed including full name of composer, composer’s dates, and movement titles
  • Please list in performance order (including placement of intermission!)
  • Please include accents and other diacritical markings on selections and composer names
  • Full name of applied teacher
  • Degree program
Submit your program to the Scheduling Office (University Club, Rm. A2) or email your program to Myra Jackson.  Remember to turn in your Recital Staging Information and Recital Recording Request forms along with your recital program!

Dress Rehearsal

Performers are allowed to schedule two hours in the hall of their performance for a dress rehearsal. Dress rehearsal time is subject to availability of the hall. As the halls are quite busy throughout the semester, it is recommended that the performer communicate with his collaborators and find a dress rehearsal time as soon as possible. The two hours of dress rehearsal time do not have to be consecutive. They may be broken up into one-hour intervals. If your recital is in Grusin Music Hall or the Chamber Hall, contact the Scheduling Office (University Club A2) or email Myra Jackson to sign out a time.

Recording and Stage Manager Information

For recording and stage manager information please click here.

Reception Information

Note: Signing up for a recital does not automatically sign out a reception space. You must reserve the reception room with Steve Slater.

The College of Music Conference Room (C113) may be signed out for post-recital receptions. Check with Steve Slater in the College of Music Front Office for availability and to sign out the room. Your stage manager will unlock the door one hour before your recital is scheduled to begin. You may not use the room if you have not properly signed it out. You may use the refrigerator in the kitchen area to store food, however left-over refreshments should be removed from the Conference Room immediately following the reception.

If the Conference Room is not available, you may reserve the College of Music Student Lounge for your reception. You must also reserve the Student Lounge with Steve Slater in the Front Office to avoid double booking.

Both the Conference Room and Student Lounge may be reserved at no cost.

No alcoholic beverages may be served!!!

Cancellation Policy

You MUST notify the Scheduling Office if you need to cancel your recital so that it can be removed from advertising outlets and the space can be used by others in need.

In order to reschedule a recital you must go through the paperwork process and obtain necessary signatures again.

You do not need to pay the $100 fee again. Instead the fee to reschedule a recital is $50. This fee does not have to be paid if the recital is canceled due to illness or failure of your preview. If a recital is canceled, the rescheduled recital may not be performed until the following semester.