College of Music

University of Colorado Boulder

Application Process

Thank you for your interest in applying to the College of Music at CU Boulder! There are five basic steps in the music application process, as listed below. You may want to print out this page and check off the steps as you complete them. If you have any questions about the music application process, please call us at 303-735-2283 or email us at


Fall Admission (August): December 1

While the priority deadline has past, we are still accepting applications.
Pre-screening required for Voice, and non-Colorado resident Flute.
Video recorded auditions must be submitted by February 15.

Spring Admission (January): October 1No Jazz Applicants

No Jazz Applicants
Pre-screening required for Voice, and non-Colorado resident Flute.

STEP 1 – Review Admission Requirements and Academic Qualifications
Review the admission requirements page for information about the typical music and academic profile of applicants admitted to the College of Music, and other requirements for specific music degree programs.

Information specific to International Students can be found at

STEP 2 – Submit University of Colorado Boulder Application

All applications to CU-Boulder are submitted online to the Office of Admissions. Prospective students should apply through their MyCUBoulder account.

The University of Colorado Boulder is one of the newest members of the Common Application.  Students applying as a freshman can choose the CU-Boulder application or the Common Application to apply for admission. The Common Application is not available for transfer students.

STEP 3 – Submit College of Music Admission Application**

The College of Music Application must be completed and submitted online.

Flute (Non-Colorado Residents only), Jazz guitar and Voice applicants must submit applications and preliminary recordings by December 1 (October 1 for Spring applicants).  We prefer that students submitting prescreening recordings upload their College of Music Admission Application with their recordings though Acceptd

Composition students must submit 3 of their best scores, along with sound recordings (live or midi) to the Office of Undergraduate Studies via mail (301 UCB, Boulder, CO  80309-0301) or online at Acceptd.  Scores and sound recordings must be submitted or postmarked by December 1.

The deadline for all other prospective freshman applications to the College of Music is December 1 (October 1 for Spring applicants).  If you are not required to submit a prescreening recording, you do not need to visit Acceptd.

For information on transferring to the College of Music from another college at CU or from outside of CU, please visit our transfer information page.

**Prospective music majors must submit both the CU-Boulder Application and a College of Music Application before an audition will be scheduled.

STEP 4 – Provide One Letter of Reference^^
Download a copy of the Recommendation Form, ask a music teacher or someone else who is familiar with your development as a musician to serve as a reference, and have that individual submit the undergraduate recommendation form directly to the Undergraduate Office in the College of Music. (Address and fax number listed on form).  Please note that this is a different letter than may be required by the Office of Admissions.  We need to have a copy sent directly to the College of Music.

^^Prospective music majors must submit a music letter of recommendation in addition to their academic letter of recommendation.  The music recommendation can be either mailed, emailed, or faxed back to the College of Music Undergraduate Office (see the form for information about returning/submitting the form).

NOTE: In order to open and complete the Teacher Recommendation Form, you will need to use Adobe Reader.  Get Adobe Reader here.

STEP 5 – Schedule Audition**
Visit the audition information page for information on audition requirements and audition dates for the next admissions cycle.  Applicants will be contacted by email about scheduling an audition once all parts of their applications have been received.

** Students applying for Spring Admissions must schedule and complete their audition with their respective department by December 1.  Students applying for Fall Admissions and opting to schedule an alternative audition date, must schedule and complete their audition with their respective department by February 15.

Students must complete and submit all components of the College of Music application before they will be considered for scholarship.  This includes submission of the music letter of recommendation form.