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Guide to Services


Alexander Technique Classes with James Brody
Introductory, advanced and graduate sections of Alexander Technique are offered each semester.

Alexander Technique lessons and consultations with James Brody
Professor Brody reserves several hours each week for one-on-one consultations and lessons with music students who are experiencing difficulty in playing/singing due to misuse, injury, anxiety or physical tension.Contact Professor Brody directly or ask your teacher to set up a consultation, at which your teacher may be present if you wish.

Body Mapping and consultations with Bonnie Draina
Dr. Draina is available to answer questions about programs affiliated with the Musicians’ Wellness Initiative, and offers private sessions to students who are interested in refining their understanding of how the body moves in music-making. Contact Dr. Draina directly to arrange an appointment.

Summer Alexander Technique Course and Intensive with James Brody and Guest Teachers
In July, leading teachers of AT convene at CU for a week of classes and private lessons in the Alexander Technique. Instruction in Tai Chi and Body Mapping are also provided. For information, contact Professor Brody or visit the website.

Body Mapping for Musicians Summer Class with Bonnie Draina
This one credit graduate level course is offered consecutively with AT week (above). Participants explore the structures and movements of singing, examine and refine their body maps, and apply the information to singing. Register for graduate or continuing education credit.


Medical evaluations at Wardenburg Health Center
Dr. Nancy McElwain provides initial evaluations, referrals for diagnostic tests, physical therapy and appointments with specialists as needed. If you do not have medical insurance through CU, check with the Wardenburg administrative office to see if your medical insurance covers care at WHC.

Wardenburg appointments: (303) 492-5432

Physical therapy at Wardenburg Health Center
Three physical therapists at Wardenburg have received special training in treatment of professional and student musicians. For a referral, first make an appointment with Dr. McElwain at WHC.

Individual counseling with Matt Tomatz at Counseling Services
Matt Tomatz is experienced in many aspects of emotional health that frequently affect musicians, including performance anxiety and emotional blocks to success.

Counseling Services: (303) 492-6766

Massage Clinics
Therapeutic massage is provided on site at no cost to College of Music students by interns from Boulder College of Massage Therapy. See Wellness Board (across from the elevators near the stairs to the library) for weekly sign-ups, or contact Graduate Assistant Clayton Vaughn for information.

First Fridays Guest Speaker Series
Topics include performance management skills, temporo-mandibular joint disorder, physical therapy for performers, and the anatomy of breathing. See the Wellness Board or our Facebook page for schedule.