College of Music

University of Colorado Boulder

Involvement & Impact

In the past year, the CU music education department has continued to promote community through music education at the local and national level: the CU Middle School Wind & String Ensembles enjoyed their 6th and 2nd seasons respectively. Middle school students performed, high school students collaborated, undergraduates taught, and graduate students coached in a unique intergenerational music learning community.

High school orchestras from all over Colorado, and even as far as California attended the 2nd annual CU Invitational Orchestra Festival, organized in collaboration with the orchestra department. Students worked with renowned clinicians (Jeffrey Grogan, E. Daniel Long, and Gary Lewis) making of amazing performances. Local teachers attended a Saturday workshop to observe E. Daniel Long lead a 3 hour clinic with a high school orchestra.

Each year, visiting scholars participate in the music education graduate colloquium series. Last October, William Bauer (University of Florida) presented a webinar entitled “New Directions in Music Teacher Professional Development”, on innovations for effective teacher professional development. In March, Marie McCarthy (University of Michigan) led an interactive webinar on interpreting sources in historical research. The historical research poster session gave graduate students an opportunity to share with students & faculty in other areas, active historical research in music education.

Over the past year, the faculty and graduate students were very active in scholarly presentations and posters at the Society of Music Teacher Education, (Greensboro, NC); Colorado Music Educators Association (Colorado, Springs, CO); National Association for Music Education (St. Louis, MO); and the American Educational Research Association (Vancouver, BC), among other venues.